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You are not handy? Here are 8 reasons to assume

The abundance of DIY tutorials and deco currently flooding the magazines, books or the Internet is said to facilitate the establishment of small (or large) unique items. Only here is: everyone gets to do wonders (giving the impression that it is very easy) then you, you’d rather spend your Saturday mornings as far as pots of paint and tools! If you feel different (e) because you do not want to make your own furniture from the objects found, go to the garage sand and paint chines furniture, or make your own preserves, rest assured: you are not alone). Better yet, here are 8 reasons to abandon yourself without feeling guilty.

You are not handy? Here are 8 reasons to assume

Kara Cox Interiors

1. Save the energy and precious time
I noticed that all the tutorials that present a draft as «easy», «fast» or (my favorite) «feasible in an hour» are often, say optimists …. Although there are exceptions, any project that starts with a long list of tools and / or equipment with which you are not familiar will take you at least two times longer than expected.

You are not handy? Here are 8 reasons to assume

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2. Support artists and artisans
It’s not because someone made a wall decoration from a circle embroidery to the room of her child that you are forced to realize so: you might as well buy. Many artists and very talented craftsmen are trying to live their creations, and buy handmade products is a way to support them.

You are not handy? Here are 8 reasons to assume

Rafe Churchill: Traditional Houses

3. The do it yourself does not mean that it would be cheaper
It’s the little secret of DIY: Once you have purchased all the necessary materials for your project, and perhaps the equivalent redeemed after having completely missed your shot (I belong unfortunately this category), you may you realize that it would costs you much cheaper to buy the ready-made pieces. Instead of giving a facelift is a very old furniture abyss in a depot-sale, why not spend a few euros more to buy furniture vintage you can use right away?

You are not handy? Here are 8 reasons to assume

Jason Snyder

4. Be honest about your skills
Today we tend to group all DIY projects under the same label, regardless of the tools or skills needed. This often people think that DIY skills are interchangeable, which is not the case. It’s not because you have painted a table or made a curtain hem you’ll be able to necessarily retapisser a chair or build an etagere from pipe fittings. Be honest with yourself about your skills and call someone else to realize that you can not or do not know how. This will avoid disaster!

You are not handy? Here are 8 reasons to assume

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5. Put safety
The errors in the electrical or plumbing projects are at the top of the list of potential disasters, but there are many other dangerous spaces in a house when you get into DIY. Be prudent (e) and hire a professional for work that could have adverse consequences on you or a member of your family.

You are not handy? Here are 8 reasons to assume

Studio Revolution

6. Indulge by the immediate satisfaction
Go into a store, find something you like and bring it home. There you go ! In an instant, your living space has improves.

You are not handy? Here are 8 reasons to assume

Jennifer Young

7. Allow yourself a copy others yourselfers
I possess at least a half-dozen books sewing and knitting, while I do not knit and I’m almost unable to sew. Why buy in this case? Because they can serve as sources of inspiration! Good books to creatifs recreation can be prove to be excellent sources of inspiration for choosing your color palettes and realize your decoration of interior. It is quite normal to be inspired by those who do manual work without feeling obliged to do so.

You are not handy? Here are 8 reasons to assume

Cortney Bishop Design

8. Enjoy your home
If you are happier (if) without project has ended half cluttering your living space, assume it. Be in harmony with yourself and with what you love to do, and give up everything else.


Are you handyman (se)? Feel free to also share with us your DIY worst experience in the comments section!

However, if you want to get into DIY, discover dozens of tutorials

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    Oh Laura, what a refreshingly honest piece of writing! I am One of Those «could not think of anything worse than DIY» people who is married to an overly optimistic handyman with big ideas and belief in His skills! The Few times I’ve warily Agreed to Give _him_ His Head and exchange something, it has-been Costly we ALL levels — time, rework, dollars and relationship! TV shows about renovations and selling houses are less than truthful in showing the time it takes, the number of trades That Actually come in to do the work and the rework That is required. The real story is all edited out. Hardware stores are great at DIY Promoting Because They Know They sell more product to cover the mess ups That Occur. My husband Makes So Many trips to Bunnings in a day That I Was starting to wonder if He Had a crush on the checkout lady! Anyway, great product and an honesty so long overdue! Annie



    I am the queen DIY dream … I come up with amazing ideas, buy the materials, get started, Then get lost. Which is very handy When My husband Devin is forced to step in. Every time I mention a new project he cringes Knowing he will-have to find the time to finish it. Just yesterday he helped me (well, I handed the tools _him_) finish off a mini island / breakfast bar for our kitchen. I Had the legs cut too long so now he HAS to go back and trim em. He is calling my DIY Attempts DIDs … «do it Dev» … poor guy !!!


    Matthew Izzo 

    I love these colors for a bedroom. Goes great with silver leaf accents. My fav ..



    Once at an art fair, a young woman looking at my work to Said her mother, «Mom, You Could do this.» To qui Replied the mother, «I guess I Could if I Had the equipment, the experience and eye of this very wonderful artist.» They came back later purchased a room I Slipped in a small 5×7 as a thank you to That Woman Who really appreciated artists.
    I aussi Grew up in an extended family, the elder ones HAVING beens through the Great Deppresion, Were all multi-skilled in all things for running home farm. From an early age I Learned how to do things to last em do with care. So all my 68% of a century, I have done MOST Everything That needed done around my place except electrical Staff plumbing. I find the DIY gene HAS served me well. I also have saved a great deal of money. All that I saved $$$$$ Went for art supplies, qui is my Lifeblood. I must create in every facet of my life. So no, too late, I will always be on the wagon up to DIY I fall off.



    I’m the sucker try trying to do the «easy» DIY projects and yes they are hidden away waiting for me to finish / start em. Unfortunately my reasoning is Lack of funds, purpose I agree When I add up what I Spend on paint etc and yes endless trips to Bunnings …. Also add in the pair of near misses with me leaping off the top of ladders! Maybe I shoulds quit.


    Lisa Brandt 

    I’ve made a lot of beautiful things I object hit the ceiling of my abilities When I tried to decoupage a Beatles songbook onto an old train. It Looked amazing..until it dried! It was a disaster and as my friend later Asked, «Why Did not you start with a cigar box or something?» DIY arrogance, that’s why! I’ll stick to paint, thank you.


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