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Who’s the Boss by Aissa Logerot

Who's the Boss by Aissa Logerot

The french designer Aissa Logerot offers us his last establishment Appointee «Who’s the Boss «. A slightly macho name for a particularly innovative establishment. Indeed, it is past the time when single women had to tackle the housework.
The designers are full of ideas and talent to concoct ever more functional objects, practical and aesthetic.

This desktop board concept is based on the idea of ​​link between two consecutive actions cause and effect.
Of way more colorful previously before going out, you get out your ironing board traditional, then once this heavy task effected filiez front of your mirror to admire you. Here in a simple gesture, you fetes switch the table and hop Madame (or Mr) is served (e).

Who's the Boss by Aissa Logerot

Who's the Boss by Aissa Logerot

Who's the Boss by Aissa Logerot

A significant time saving but beyond that of this object, which will integrate perfectly into a room in the form of ice, you will find the best storage for your ironing board, which has no doubt, see a broken head when you want to store your home or apartment!

Mr. Logerot hat!

Site Designer: Aissa Logerot


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