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What choice for modern fencing?

What choice for fencing?

The Blog Esprit Design is on all fronts at the moment, is playing the editorial line, here a subject, a product that seduced me. Yet residing in an apartment, Betafence seems to propose partition fences and original solutions.

A rather simple concept of steel grids, parallel up stones or other container to make the opaque structure. Based on this idea, uses and declinations can be endless. A resolutely modern style, turns to the gross matter not remind us of siding certain motorways (under the bridge)

Designers expect our friends lean a little more about this kind of walls to beautify them and bring, how about a touch of magic.

What choice for fencing?
What choice for fencing?
What choice for fencing?
What choice for fencing?
What choice for fencing?
What choice for fencing?
What choice for fencing?

Often neglected in a real estate project, fences definitely give the final touch to a modern managed project.

What about you? Do you see that house? What are the alternatives?

More information about the brand: Betafence

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    Roy Mattox 

    Hello, and thank you for highlighting this product has a promising future!
    We stand at the disposal of all for more information, and would be happy to provide you with answers to your questions.
    Isabelle for Betafence France.



    : Thank you to go through here, could you tell us the rates for your accomplishments?


    Carmela Dobbin 

    I think it is a very good idea and I would put this at home without problem!
    What is the price range?



    : Current rate request.



    I love this kind of fence in gabions, ca is also very fashionable, even in coffee table, a tray plants.


    Sunni Rodway 

    I also love, modernity, adaptability, customization, originality.



    Gabion comes from the Italian Gabbione which means big cage But here it is not a big cage but stones between 2 fences which is not without risk.


    Leuan Mathes 

    I think it is really very trend. I love the contrast of wood and steel. The second picture with the curve and really nice I think we could still go further in the pattern.
    I would do it can be at home, I expect the prices!


    Nolly Filmore 

    For public to advices price Ml, here are several simulations:
    Zenturo Classic Award, on posts Bekafor Click, 1.70 height, on a basis of 20 linear meters: 45.00 TTC ml.
    Zenturo Super price on poles Bekaclip and necklaces, 1.70 height, base 20 linear meters: 49.50 TTC ml.
    Wall Price Zenturo Super Pole Zenturo, 1.70 height, base 20 linear meters: the 110.00 ml.
    Fill out all.


    Virgil Estlick 

    plus it smells good.


    Sabrina Hebron 

    Why not fill with laurel, convenient for summer barbecue but not that it takes long winter.


    August Goodchild 

    Gabion is actually filled cages that are often used to hold the land, draining rivers and make noise barriers.
    Here the concept of «Wall Zenturo» is absolutely not planned for this function, but only to make decorative walls, design and original. The specific posts 120×40 have excellent strength, rigidity and offer adapted to this type of construction.
    As for the filling, I agree with Vincent, everything is possible. branches, tree trunks cuts (of course), glass bottles, bamboo The boundless imagination, and when the honeysuckle short top, actually it smells good.


    Asa Jules 

    or can I get the «Wall Zenturo»
    Thank you.



    The Zenturo is available to order from many distributors of our network you will find the address.


    Jaxson Erwine 

    AWESOME? : Gabion benjamin hubert It pumps table tables containers Wanders.


    Apollo Christopher 

    BENJAMIN HUBERT table gabion it’s HEAVY.


    Manny Pitcher 

    Benjamin Hubert adapts the gabion for your interior or terraces, beyond transposition, it fits the shape, the container and contents.



    With cobblestones would have been more revolutionary and context especially with this unworthy army that prepared in Iberian Peninsula (spain portugal)


    Nia Cavell 

    Isabelle: I am deeply interested party by this type of fence. I also made an estimate. However, I would like to see the achievements before placing any order. And I do not find traces of showroom. I live in the north of France.
    In addition, I would like to have proposals for filling (volume / cost).
    Thank you.



    Examples of achievements are available on our website in the tab «image» of the product concerned:
    For Zenturo is:
    For the Super Zenturo is:
    For cons, I have no knowledge of show room in the north for this product.


    Jaylin Akeley 

    and sofa fashion…


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