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Wellness: The hammock, a lifestyle

The hammock is a beautiful object, sometimes colored, still graphics and especially evokes us endless naps under the trees of the garden. Out of these cliches, we do not know generally not much more, which is a shame being given its historical and cultural impregnation. Also, before dragging them to doze, pay tribute to its noble origins, because the hammock is primarily a lifestyle. It was bequeathed to us by the Indians of Central and South America, especially the Mayas of Yucatan in Mexico. This ancestral sleeping, as indoor thatoutdoor, arrived home thanks to Christopher Columbus and via the sailors who were the first to have adopted. The hammock is still a central object in Latin America, used as daily sleeping through much of the population of Brazil in particular. Her attire reflect its importance: Did you know for instance that the fringes macrame or sometimes presents its edges are a sign of social status?
What are the different types of hammocks, the proper way to use it, or secure them, what size to choose? Journal an update.

Wellness: The hammock, a lifestyle

Aiken House Gardens

1. The mesh hammock
On the Mexican, cotton mesh hammock is a privilegier in areas where it is very hot because it will bring you optimal ventilation. Do not opt ​​for the mesh or fringes if you intend to lend to children. It is less resistant than cotton hammock weave and fringes can be dangerous. Only nylon mesh hammocks are able to stay outside all year.

Wellness: The hammock, a lifestyle

Curbz Landscaping Inc

2. The cotton canvas hammock
It is a very resistant hammock, very appreciated in the garden because the front of colorful stripes and new vivid. It traditionally comes from Brazil or Colombia and the density of the weave makes it a very durable object (beware of imitations!). Organic cotton, good quality, is not afraid of bad weather but only the shadows that can make mold. You will return it has the fall. If you live in a humid area, or your hammock under a shady tree, you can opt for a melange cotton which will dry faster.

Wellness: The hammock, a lifestyle

Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture

3. The synthetic hammock
Polypropylene (sometimes said HamacTex) or polyester ties these hammocks in our latitudes and reputed to be left outside all year are economic choices. The plastic material that makes up is not expensive and certainly very resistant, but it is not pleasant to use when it’s really too hot to work.

For lovers of trekking and extreme conditions, there are hammocks made of parachute silk (nylon breathable) very lightweight and where we can spend the night.

Wellness: The hammock, a lifestyle

McNeill Photography

4. The hammock bars
It is very nice in the garden because its wooden bars keep the hammock structure unfolded. Nevertheless purists will tell you that the bars are a heresy, invented by Westerners, and a hammock, to be comfortable to use and not diagonally lengthwise. Know also that the friction of wood weaving hammocks makes these less durable than those who are devoid.

Wellness: The hammock, a lifestyle

Luci.D Interiors

5. nap
If you have chosen your hammock to take a nap, note that most are comfortable cotton because they are naturally extensible. Hammocks in synthetic include nylon mesh, offer a sleeping much harder. Always choose a hammock with a thirty fifty strings attached at each end. It is they who distribute the weight and if there is not enough, the hammock will be uncomfortable.

Wellness: The hammock, a lifestyle

MCM Design

6. To play
However, if you opt for a hammock to read, rather choose the hammock cradle to fix the ceiling. This one has a seat shape and more like a hanging chair while nevertheless retaining the flexibility of comfortable hammock.

Wellness: The hammock, a lifestyle

Beall’s Nursery Landscaping

7. What size?
The specialists will tell you, the hammock is more broad and it is comfortable (if used in width, of course, not to the European as above). The widths range from 140 to 190 centimeters. Even for personal use, go for the large width, you will not regret it. A hammock can easily support the weight of two adults, so why separated hammock?

Wellness: The hammock, a lifestyle

B. Jane Gardens

8. Between two trees
Now that you have selected a model, hanging his hammock is not done anywhere or anyhow. A mounting kit is necessary. If you opt for a hanging between two trees really choose them burly and to avoid damaging the distant 3 meters minimum from each other.
Tie string around the trunk, connected to the hammock with a knot sailor.

Wellness: The hammock, a lifestyle

Going Home To Roost

9. A pergola
A fixed structure such as a pergola or pool house is ideal for permanently hang a hammock. Here you can place a still fixing pitons that will serve every year and it will provide welcome shade. Regarding the fixing distances, measure the length of your hammock and add 20%: you get perfect spacing of hanging points.

Wellness: The hammock, a lifestyle

Dan Forer, Photographer

10. Between two supporting structures or ceiling
You can even attach your hammock has walls or even the ceiling. If the walls are not very beefy, opt for special fasteners that distribute loads on several holes. In interior, to fix a hammock ceiling whose beams are not apparent, use a joist finder to find the right attachment point (also works for hanging seats).

Wellness: The hammock, a lifestyle

Nathalie Priem Photography

11. How high?
A hammock should be neither too tight nor too little. It must form a beautiful bow once suspended. It is customary to place the vacuum was about 80 centimeters from the ground. When it loads, it should put you in zero gravity was about 30 or 40 centimeters from the ground. Experiment and let your hammock up all season. If it is quality, it will not damage.

Wellness: The hammock, a lifestyle


12. The freestanding hammock
Not to annoy to fix the hammock, or for those wishing to move it around the garden, there are free-standing structures in metal tube, bamboo or wood to greet him. It transgresses somewhat the soul of the hammock, but admit that it’s a turn-key solution, practical and deco.

Wellness: The hammock, a lifestyle

Tobias Gabranski / Architecture Design

13. To appease
The hammock is not at all deconseille when suffering back, on the contrary! The same position in weightlessness would relieve.
moreover it feels so hammocks are designed specially for babies. If your toddler has trouble falling asleep or he has reflux, why not try this moving cocoon that will remind him of the good times or he was in mom’s belly?

Wellness: The hammock, a lifestyle

Heather Garrett Design
The hammock has so many qualities that one wonders why go. Especially as the expenditure remains reasonable: for a traditional giant hammock and its attachments, count a hundred euros. And even in size XXL, the hammock takes very little space so it is possible even on a balcony. Aficionados say that in weightlessness, we discover sensations never tried and true rest and has no other. We try ?

Have you installed a hammock? Share photos and tips in the comments section below!

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    Very good gift idea for my man, thank you!



    Having recently looking to replace my hammock, I can say a hundred euros is a bit distant from reality for a giant hammock how you say with bindings.


    Agnes Carpentier 




    Thank you louse all his advice. Some precisions about my research nonetheless. I have a very stable wood support, my old hammock use. The hammock should be a bar to 325 cm long. I know a hammock bar is heresy for aficionados but the one I had was very stable, so I tried again with the new. I struggled to find both criteria more than the price. I found on the site «» the only downside is that I did not have the choice of colors. I expect to receive it for testing. If it turns out that it does not suit me and I refer look elsewhere. Continue to point me to other sites I was interested


    Elaine Baldy 

    Agnes thank you


    Agnes Carpentier 

    For Hurel, just two examples of giant hammock family (knowing then a mounting kit costs between 10 and 20 euros).


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