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Waterfall Faucet Luisilight by Luisina

Envi color, envi change of atmosphere, the new faucet solid stainless steel will give light to your bathroom. Indeed water color changes depending on its temperature.

Blue for temperature up to 18 °, pink purple blue until 19 to 38 ° C, orange above 39 ° C.

Waterfall Faucet Luisilight by Luisina

Waterfall Faucet Luisilight by Luisina

Waterfall Faucet Luisilight by Luisina

Waterfall Faucet in fact, a design was hand door, a new technology to refine your bathroom. To feel better, but also prevent this ecological novelty remains because no source of energy is required for its operation.

Price: 650 €

Article available for purchase: Luisina


By Assmah / Blog Esprit Design

Category: high tech

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    ideal for children, essential for parents.
    An idea to make its credentials to the bathroom.



    Or buy it ???
    I can not find it on the site Luisina.
    Thank you.



    True, he does not seem to be available on their website, you can contact them directly to obtain a catalog or more information.



    Just beautiful. I’m a fan.
    I love the concept and design of this product.
    Congratulations again for this article anyway.



    Please do not contact them and go your way….
    Interested by this product during a call for information.
    we have received a plea in going up.
    pretend that this model was a sink !!!!!!
    Go figure….


    Gabby Buckey 

    Pascal — Thanks for the info.


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