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Visit Privee: A Texan coupee farm in the world

The omnipresence of technology and high-tech gadgets in our daily life leads to a real need to return to basics, which sometimes results in a desire to return to live on the farm. Tim Cuppett, architect Austin (Texas), has constructed many modern farms, he said that they have become very research proven when the recession and the frantic pace of life of the high-tech sector professionals have given way to a quest of simplicity in the home and lifestyle. «In the 90s, it was common to inhabit houses with sprawling dimensions. But that’s not what people want today «, He says. » Today, we focus on comfort. And live on the farm, it is also nice and important to regale delicious meals. «

The architect has designed recently for a couple a warm, firm contemporary. And, o surprise, the couple worked in the high technology sector! They prefer Austin Chicago, and came to live with their two young children. Their quest: a simple and easy for their family life, and lots of light. After doing research together on Journal, Tim Cuppett and its customers have decided on a design is open plan to let the sun, and an interior that tends toward simplicity. « If we look at the large and beautiful houses that have stood the time, they are always simple and bright thanks to the bay windows to ventilate the space — in short, the necessary elements for comfort «, precise architect.

Coup d ‘eye
Who lives here: a couple and their two young children
Austin, Texas, USA
Area : 325 m? ; 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms
Team: TimCuppett, architect; Wilmington-Gordon, building contractor

Visit Privee: A Texan coupee farm in the world

Tim Cuppett Architects
The place has greatly influenced the design. The house is situated near a large flowery meadow, sheltered green oak recessed plants vis-a-vis the street and neighboring houses. « This place was perfect to accommodate this type of masonry «, Tim Cuppett observed.

The kitchen being the most important room of the house to the client, passionate kitchen, the architect decided to find him the most favorable location: under the green oak plants the limit for property and in front of the meadow. It was around this pole that the house was built. « When the owner is in the kitchen, it has a view on the most beautiful part of this place «, precise there.

The house has only one room, completely open, to optimize the light and airflow that infiltrates on both sides of the house. Its proximity to the tree looks like it is in the middle of the vegetation.

The driveway leading to the garage being all in length, the realization of a paving would have been daunting. Tim Cuppett therefore opts for gravel. « In a property such as this, it is simply a joy to hear the crunch of gravel under the wheels of cars «, He adds.

Visit Privee: A Texan coupee farm in the world

Tim Cuppett Architects
The dining room connects the main house to the garage. Its glass walls give it the look of a covered gallery. Between the bay windows are also found the front door.

The presence of a canopy associates with large trees helps control the direct sunlight. Fiber cement siding in a predominantly been used for cladding exterior walls. « The effect is guaranteed for a budget that is reasonable «, Tim Cuppett remark, which has also been used blocks of limestone — whose use has been limited, however, has a foundation wall, a fireplace and one of the garage walls to control the budget.

Exterior paint: GrayMist, Benjamin Moore; Painting the front door: Blue Naples, Benjamin Moore; Painting Roofing: Lead-Cote, Berridge

Visit Privee: A Texan coupee farm in the world

Tim Cuppett Architects
Limestone is found in the interior, where it has been used to form one wall of the dining room. The opposite wall, she was made fiber cement. The wooden ceiling with a V reminds those generally used in doorways, and helps erase the boundaries between interior and exterior.

«The custom wood window frames of surrounding bay windows create more than just light reflections from glass panel», explains Tim Cuppet. Note that the owners have chosen to lower prices on all materials. With one exception: the walnut wood flooring consists of wooden slats of 12 centimeters wide.

Table: custom; luminaires:
Olampia ; chairs : Vermont Farm Table

Visit Privee: A Texan coupee farm in the world

Tim Cuppett Architects
The dining room opens to the living room. Here, the architect has used the stairs and a glass roof to allow in the light of the floor to infiltrate the room. The windows are glass pin and recall the reality of industrial stairwells. « We do not notice the fewer we approach it very closely, but the effect is rather playful «, precise there.

Chair: Boden, Room Board; mat: Cumulus Cloud, Bellbridge; sofa: Ethan Allen

Visit Privee: A Texan coupee farm in the world

Tim Cuppett Architects
Nestled under the green oaks, facing the meadow, the kitchen enjoys stunning views.

Tim Cuppett think has all the details of space, storage and Elements including carpentry. «In this firm, the key word remains the simplicity», He says. « Everything must go without saying — no complex form. All finishes are sleek and extremely simple. «

lower cupboard of painting: Dolphin, Benjamin Moore; kitchen worktop granite AbsoluteBlack 3 centimeters thick; credence to the sink: 15 x25 centimeters, Modern Studio in Blonde Gloss, WalkerZanger ; wall sconces: Schoolhouse Electric; luminaires: vintage; bar stools: West Elm

Visit Privee: A Texan coupee farm in the world

Tim Cuppett Architects
This steel shelf keeps the most frequently used objects at hand, but is designed not to be too visible. The feeders drawers under the seats-sets contain bench and table linen. The table itself is custom made, with a tray in melamine.

Visit Privee: A Texan coupee farm in the world

Tim Cuppett Architects
Tim Cuppett like interior where stairs lead directly into the kitchen. «This kind of arrangement gives a feeling of comfort and relaxation», says he. This staircase also allows parents to stay in touch with the children when they play in their playroom upstairs.

For the wall of the stairwell, the architect has taken the same type of paneling that used for the ceiling of the room to eat. The advantage of this coating is its good wear resistance. « Kids love to run around the stairs: kicking and greasy hands on the walls abound «, if he amuses.

The pillar of the staircase is a geometric interpretation of a traditional design element. « It was just a small architectural whim «, He confesses.

Visit Privee: A Texan coupee farm in the world

Tim Cuppett Architects
The very bright paint used to cover the paneling of the ceiling of the second floor playroom can effectively reflect the natural light that rushes through the windows. This room separates the master bedroom room for children and also serves as a second living room.

Mural: Anjou Pear, Benjamin Moore; sofa: West Elm; table: Crate Barrel; carpet Dash Albert

Visit Privee: A Texan coupee farm in the world

Tim Cuppett Architects
Although its dimensions are important, Tim Cuppett calls this main room « small and cozy «. A cathedral ceiling adds to the feeling of volume. The entrance is through a sliding barn door, which preserves the rural soul of the masonry.

Mural : White Dove, Benjamin Moore; mat: Loom Select Pasture color Smoke, Calvin Klein; convenient: Room Board; chair: West Elm

Visit Privee: A Texan coupee farm in the world

Tim Cuppett Architects
In the bathroom, a small bath tub seems separated from the house, as if it were nestled under the canopy. A choice that gives the feeling that the house was built in the trees. Tiles around the shower area.

Bath: Sunrise Specialty; counter sinks and credence: Cinder 2020 caesarstone ; Wall tiles: Tiles 11.5 on 14.6 cm Mica Gloss Studio Modern, Walker Zanger; tiling around the bath: mosaic infusion of 2.5 x 5 cm Fabric Gray, American Olean

Visit Privee: A Texan coupee farm in the world

Tim Cuppett Architects
At the back, the kitchen overlooks the porch or awning shelters the window.

Visit other farms.

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Comments: 18


    lovely, unpretentious and timeless



    Love this house! Its elegant and casual at the time Sami. What a dream!


    Amy Wax 

    Beautifully designer Where the natural colors are colors in The Strongest Each room.



    Hey guys, this in in central Texas — snow is not an issue !!



    I find it funny article est que le Supposed to be about easy and small (i.e. the Texas farmhouse) but the project is a custom designed and built 3500 sq ft home. That’s HUGE Both in design and scope in terms of living space and cost. Nothing easy about that small gold.


    Angela Franklin 

    I agree with southern kudzu, the Wagoneer is great. We had a 76 Wagoneer That We sold in the early 90’s. I still regret selling it. I do love this farmhouse too, great job!


    Paul Mugambi 

    This is a bright, neat home. I would like to see the map



    Wow — I live on 1 acre piece of Vermont border / Upstate NY property with a dirt driveway — Commonly it gets heavy snow from December to March or beyond. We DO-have to add Sometimes Some dirt / gravel in the spring goal with a minimum of 5 cars Constantly in and out — not to mention delivery trucks and guests — this HAS Held up fairly well.
    The drive Was carved out of a cow field in 1977. Wraps completely Call around the house so you can in theory plow around == in fact this is not that easy due to the turning radius of plows and trees That Were planted way back when condition. Some years with heavy snow esp if we Have Had a hard freeze entre storms we can not plow all the way around the house and for big Makes this from When We-have to move cars around. We Have Had the plow guy hit the trees; a parked car; smashed a car waiting for repair; ripped the dog run overhead lines and electric lines to outbuildings off; ripped up our pavers for walkway our forehead — and yeah we could DO Those reflective markers out goal — if it snows THAT MUCH — the markers will be buried!
    I broke my leg and ankle trying to get to the cars and move ‘em in one spring storm — hit the frozen plow ridge under the fresh snow and Went down under the car. Caused a host of problems!
    We-have at various times used a garden plow blade was wide lawn tractor — hey if you are snowed in boys will do Almost anything for entertainment! — We Have Had to hand shovel the «spot» where EVERY because Seems To get stuck-even WITH 4WD — Jeep. Just an odd angle and no room to really get up any «steam». Have Had To Be == towed up and down — by the neighbors farm tractor.
    And does anyone WONDER why we want to move SOUTH ??? LOL!
    That too I HAD Jeep — and it got WORSE than mileage to 1980’s 35 foot long RV we had. Sigh. And you have-nots Lived up to you That ran down rear window to load something — and it REFUSED to go UP! Of course this only Happened in sub-zero weather models later —- Had a fixed pane rear window back there and That One Had the habit of falling OUT of the car if you loaded it and closed the door —-
    Fun times!
    Like the Texas House goal around here — the barn door effect — much as I might love it — is confined to BARNS. Do like the idea of ​​the glass wire — always thought That Was under-used. And we-have no gutters here — got tired of the snow and ice and wind tearing ‘em off; backing up the ice in ice dams and ruining the shingles; leaves and branches in catching ‘em; freezing the down spouts So They couldn’t drain and Causing flooding! Was not that what They Were to PREVENT? So we Took ‘em off and have-nots HAD Reviews another problem — and we get a LOT of rain here! Of course you do-have to make sour That You-have the proper slope to the ground-have this to work.


    Cate Hancock 

    Elegant. Bravo.



    Lovely home, order what really caught my care Was the Jeep Grand Wagoneer. We had to let our fully restored, low mileage 89 ‘go about 6 years ago When gas prices got too much. I loved that vehicle, it’s classic styling and smooth comfortable ride.



    Beautiful home. Purpose is not the dining room a little far from the kitchen? Passing through the living room carrying plates with food Seems a little risky (spills happen).



    I just love it!


    Leslie MacKenzie 

    I love the single shelf in front of the window and the pullout drawers under the seating in the kitchen. Visually interesting but not overpowering and what a great way to use space.



    Great house!



    Love this. It helps to a tractor-have to Maintain a long gravel drive. You can-have Many Years of Good use if maintained. I am a little Concerned with the roof pouring water on the kitchen window. the little awning will not help a lot gold for long.



    Clean, crisp and functional. Very nice home.
    Ali Zang- You are absolutely okay in your involvement que la gravel is not a good choice at all for snow country. If you plow it the stones end up Wherever You push the snow to. If you blow the snow you will throw rocks Wherever You blow to snow, and sheer blower pines. Farmers usually cleared Their driveways with a brow bucket on a tractor and stll Had to live with stones Where They dumped the bucket loads. Residences Were usually hand shoveled. Stone driveways Were maintained with just enough stone to Maintain a firm surace with MOST of the stone sunk into the ground. I know, I was there.



    Very cool, Tim — great to see you featured on Journal and this house is gorgeous!



    jclee I love this house. We wintered in Texas for 11 years (6 months out of the year and Were ready to build in the Hill Country) goal Was our family back home in Ohio so; we built a Texas home in Ohio. We incorporated the floor to ceiling windows, vaulted ceiling, open concept, one floor, only a little over 1500 sq ft., All rooms have a lot of windows, kitchen opens up with French Doors to beautiful view of flagstone patio, gardens, pool / fountain, fire pit, etc. Large deck allows guests to view trees, landscaping, etc. The front porch extends the length of the house. The interior is similar, leather furniture, lots of wood accents, hickory kitchen. Reviews The other item I wanted Was a metal roof but here in Ohio with more probability of inclement weather, sleet, snow, and hail, Advised, No! (Texas in my hearth and home).
    P.S. comments is of no gutters, do not worry, water Does not sccm to fall on Texas That often. Many of the brand new homes-have no gutters. It was a little unnerving though That is the way it is.


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