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Visit Privee: A rustic retreat in the Catskill Mountains

Discount taste of the day by architect Kimberly Peck, this farm of the nineteenth? century serves retirement today has a couple of New York, happy to spend weekends and holidays in the Catskill Mountains. Only constraint: climate, cold and hard in this area, which was adapted the structure of the house. To create a thrifty masonry, Kimberly eg restore the wooden structure of the farm, and wrap panels polyurethane. The concrete foundations poured, central heating and fiberglass windows allow in this modern farm pleasant stay during the cold winters of Catskill.

Coup d ‘eye
Who lives here: a couple of New Yorkers during their weekends
location: Bovina, New York, USA
area: 180 m? ; one bedroom, two bathrooms

Photos: Torkil Stavdal

Visit Privee: A rustic retreat in the Catskill Mountains

kimberly peck architect
Here is the house seen from the outside: simple black corrugated sheet metal panels hide insulation board polyurethane, which cover themselves the original structure of the farm. Perfect insulation!
The roof, it is covered with galvanized steel panels, while the terrace is simply composed of treated Southern Yellow Pine boards.

Visit Privee: A rustic retreat in the Catskill Mountains

kimberly peck architect
The driveway that leads to the house was designed from slate and boulders find on the property.

Visit Privee: A rustic retreat in the Catskill Mountains

kimberly peck architect
Former interior designer, the owner had no problem to work with Kimberly, she supervised the work when she had her diploma. Remained in good contact, the two women have become friends. Although she converted Nutritionist, the owner wanted to keep his style.

table: Restoration Hardware ; Lighting: Modern Niche

Visit Privee: A rustic retreat in the Catskill Mountains

kimberly peck architect
This large open room MEETS dining room, kitchen and lounge. Large bay windows open onto a terrace with panoramic open view of the mountains. Fiberglass windows limit the heat losses, despite the cold winds coming from the heights.

Visit Privee: A rustic retreat in the Catskill Mountains

kimberly peck architect
Recovered at Heritage Barns, posts, beams and farm structures heat up the ground floor. The majority of this wood here comes from an old hops farm in upstate New York.

False head of deer: Tay Home

Visit Privee: A rustic retreat in the Catskill Mountains

kimberly peck architect
Although Kimberly directs the work and is responsible for the technical aspects and details, the client does a great job on the inside. «This project has been a true collaboration», assures the architect. It proposes an initial plan and some suggestions, but the last parts of the middle of the last century have been chosen by the client.

Chairs : circa Modern ; Chair rocking: vintage; Coffee tables: Glen H Fellows ; Canapes: Restoration Hardware ; wall lights: Bruno Pharmacy Plug In Light

Visit Privee: A rustic retreat in the Catskill Mountains

kimberly peck architect
The owner being a nutritionist, it was very important to have a large work surface in the kitchen. The central island offers plenty of storage space with cupboards and stainless steel drawers, two cabinet dimensions.

worktop, cupboards, sink, stove, refrigerator: Ikea ; Wall Credence: Heath Ceramics

Visit Privee: A rustic retreat in the Catskill Mountains

kimberly peck architect
Despite its simplicity, the floor of the ground floor is a pride for Kimberly. The concrete foundation runs were polished to provide concrete wax finish. A floor heating system was installed just below.

beanbags: Restoration Hardware ; Wood stove: Flame Mountain

Visit Privee: A rustic retreat in the Catskill Mountains

kimberly peck architect
The husband of the client has also done some work in this house, especially at the finish. The proof with this vanity, built from oak recovered. The tiles are made of porcelain and floor wax concrete.

Magnifying mirror: Jerdon ; Large mirror: Restoration Hardware; Sink: eBay

Visit Privee: A rustic retreat in the Catskill Mountains

kimberly peck architect
During construction, Kimberly has ensured that the joints between the insulation panels, windows, doors, and outside were as airtight as possible. The house is also equipped with an air exchanger, which brings fresh air into the house without losing heat, which circulates hot air from the floor to the ground floor.

Bed frame: Crate Barrel; lamps: Artemide, Tizio ; Office: Antiques Old Soul

What do you think of this converted farmhouse in the Catskill Mountains?

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Comments: 37

    Clifford Renovations & Restorations 

    pretty stark and cold inside. Being a builder of over 35 years Who designs, builds, and decorates my own work and helps customers When Asked … first thing I thought after-thesis looking at pictures WAS, I bet an architect Did the design and the sour enough..not to say all archys-have very different taste than mine purpose I find That So Many of Them try and use the visual and leave out the soul. There’s no right or wrong … it’s all subjective, aim it’s just something I notice and feel about too many archys. It’s a matter of taste I guess reckon..My yew Is That You Were Dealt an architect That quite a bit with timber frames designing the interior design Would Have beens warmer with more depth. When you look at timber frame designs you see how in tune timber frame archys «are» with the interior design. They know the feel that works, Especially with the area (Catskills) they’re in..This design looks too IKEA for my taste … too NYC urban Catskills for the goal to be fair, maybe thats what the customer Was looking for so no offense to the archy !! ..



    Love the Niche pendants- purpose They are very expensive! Color is great funky accordion goal lights are distracting and I agree que le-have-been better- exterior maybe Could Add Some stone?



    Sorry, I think goal que la living room looks like my basement room with all my old and unwanted furniture. Not a fan.



    Other than the bath, this house just feels wrong for me. I look at the pictures and think shoulds They hired a professional-have «something». I keep thinking the owners must have more money than taste. Goal, To Each Their Own …



    It’s very nicely done, I like Especially the bathroom. But I’m surprised to see how sparsely furnished it is. I picture a getaway home in the Catskills to-have a plush, cozy up sofa and recliner year Equally inviting. But, that’s just me!



    Looks like one ugly house to me. Only thing I like about the inside and outside is the bathroom.


    kandy smith 

    Ugh Those accordion lights on the wall look weird.
    It feels very cold to me with all the concrete on the floors. I know it is a heated floor, but ‘looks’ cold. I’d add maybe Some area rugs?



    This looks like the MOST uncomfortable, uninviting furniture. It makes me wonder if the homeowners ever sat in it before purchasing it.



    Sorry — I have to AGREE with the previous comments. Not very inviting cozy or I’m afraid.



    I love it! I would add a bit of artwork goal I think it’s peaceful. Love the bedroom!



    Lol addisonsteel, your profile pic is so cute!



    Nothing «warm» or inviting or cozy about this place.



    Too cold! Needs a little «warming» touch. Rugs, etc ….


    Clifford Renovations & Restorations 

    Fiona … SIPS are «structural insulated panels..thats what the walls in a timber frame homes are made from MOST of the time ..


    Joy_Marie Butler 

    Just love the space and the outside minimalist look — just great. Would love a house like this.


    Fiona Taylor 

    Nice article, am I the only purpose One Who Has No idea what a SIP is?



    I love everything about this house Including all of the furnishings !, Rustic, modern, minimalist but warm with all of the wood! This house is sooo well done! I love the bathroom. Traditional builders might not Understand this home, since They All tends to do the Sami Thing and Do not Understand the raw understated items. This would definitely appeal to a European or Canadian clientelle. I have never seen a property That I would say «I want it all,» this goal is the one! I am going to add it to my vision board for my future lake house. Well done! and I love the wall tile in the bathroom! Kudos !!!


    ENRG Architects 

    Is not it funny how the Sami house can-have So Many different responses. Thank goodness we are all different and the Sami Thing Does not appeal to us all! Noel — South Africa



    I really like the way this house looks inside and out! It is different and kind of stark purpose … That is what I love about it.



    I really like the way this house looks inside and out! It is different and kind of stark purpose … That is what I love about it.


    TKraft Art & Interiors 

    I actually love this home Both inside and out. So what if the decor looks like a work in progress — lucky Who Are The homeowners get to run away and enjoy it. I’d like seeing black accordion Those lights Surrounded with wide black-framed artwork in a mix of both ‘funky traditional ‘pieces from the Hudson Valley.



    I wish I still Had My furniture from the 60’s. It Would look great there. Love retro! Is there a lake or river nearby? That Would Be perfect.



    Really interesting interior. I would * love * to see night-time pictures to see how lighting That looks When it is dark out.
    Great job putting an emphasis on saving energy. I’m curious: Is the floor heating heating the hand? It Seems like things (fuel wood?) Are very near the actual Stored (hot?) Wood stove.



    Besides the deer head (boo!) I quite like the interior. I would need to Add Some kilim rugs to «warm» up the space, but love the rustic and modern items. The outside is too barn like for me, as long as the goal owners like it, that’s all that matters really.



    I love this house. Yes, Perhaps A Few Would rugs warm the look up a bit, with the aim radiant floor heat Perhaps They Like It That Way. The mere exterior with the black corrugated siding and metal roof is beautiful.


    Vintage Renewal 

    This is so incredible !!! Thanks for sharing it!



    What kind of Wood Stove?



    Rough-hewn beams in the bathroom? Am I the only one Who worries about accidentally rubbing against the wall, When You’re undressed, and getting splinters Where You Would not want ‘em ?!


    Syr Tervs 

    I like everything except the living room. The windows and furniture are too small for my liking fait que area. I love the kitchen, bathroom and timbers contrasting with the white walls. Serene.



    The Most prominent feature of the bathroom is the trash can …. hmmmm



    The decor Does not look professionally done to me, it needs to be tweeked a bit. Aussi it looks very much like a home I saw on Real Housewives of NYC.



    I believe less is more! Aussi goal I am an outdoors orientated person. I find hanging out at the transmission shop Hopping my farm tractor is therefore unappealing. I love European style as well as urban. Would this make a great man cave at my lake house!



    I like this space. It feels like one Could ‘breathe’ when here. I love the bedroom, and the kitchen. I do Understand That It Seems the comments a bit stark. I think the only area That needs a bit of tweaking is the living area. The windows are small, and the walls bare sccm. All furniture is on the bottom 3 feet of the house so it looks a bit disproportionation. Maybe different wall lamps, gold Some neutral art on the walls, and A Few Major pieces of furniture vs a lot of little pieces. Overall very appealing!



    Lots of great ideas. I agree que la lights on the living room wall sccm a bit odd. Like the kitchen a lot! Minimalistic is a great way to go. No work while on vacation. I wonder what it cost to build the house. Not Including the land nor furnishings.



    I AGREE with the majorité must. The Only Good thing I see is the bathroom.



    It need so much more and the quality of the furnitures is a big question mark. Add Some frames rugs, drapes and nice lamps it will warm up the place. For the exterior you need some trees and plants. This project need allot of work. Sorry :-(



    Simply sweet


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