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Unusual: 14 bed heads are codes freed

Some bed heads adorn the wall more than they shall protect it. This is particularly the case of the 14 daring achievements, sometimes purchased by the state, often home made or nees an incredible spirit recup ‘. Creatives, design or nature in the image of their owners, they became the beneficial stars of the room by pushing to the extreme the concept of the headboard work of art. For our greatest pleasure !

Unusual: 14 bed heads are codes freed


1. The head of geometric bed
Alicante, Spain

This unique bed in white lacquer head was proposed as part of a project of contemporary and colorfully elaborated with different artists. One of them has made the mural that served as a starting point decoration. Its design responds to the psychedelic aesthetic graphic seventies the rest of the decoration.

Unusual: 14 bed heads are codes freed


2. The head of fort castle bed
New York, USA

Elevee in a hippie community, the owner of this New York apartment wanted a bohemian atmosphere for them to really feel at home. It is especially integrated various souvenirs, including those gigantic doors chinees hacienda in Mexico. One immediately observes challenge by the architect, who has skillfully transformed into bed-head A fastening system with steel hooks has been created to hold despite its weight.

DIY: Make a headboard from old wooden doors

Unusual: 14 bed heads are codes freed

Green Basements Remodeling

3. The flying saucer headboard
Atlanta, USA

futuristic atmosphere for the headboard, which boosts a decoration also very sober. Masonry in the design of the room, it takes the form of a checkerboard matching the wall. His gray harmonizes the bed linen, which plays a duo of very trendy colors: yellow and gray.

Unusual: 14 bed heads are codes freed

Locati Architects

4. The headboard antler way

Would anyone in the room of an elf? In the decor of the series Game Of Thrones ?
In this cottage has the very mountain spirit, the designers chose to value the wood into the guest room. The headboard is made of trunks and branches of birch trees in one piece, reminiscent of the bed feet On the wall in the dark boards, the contrast is striking.

Unusual: 14 bed heads are codes freed


5. The Harlequin headboard
Cordoba, Spain

The people of this great house early XX? have chosen to show their merry personality by combining bright colors and furniture chines, and diverting objects from their first use to create new parts. This bed head is an excellent example: diamonds simply painted on the wall were surrounded a factory frame from planks recup ‘. An idea the reach of all handymen and for every budget!

Unusual: 14 bed heads are codes freed

Eco Fabrik

6. Gothic headboard
Arles, France

The headboard has been created by Christian Lacroix, artistic director of the makeover of the hotel Caesar in Arles. We find his paw in the shimmering fabrics towering Gothic motifs that adorn the rooms.

Here, the creator reinterpreted the medieval beds that traditionally found in the era castles.
A real challenge since the heads of bed 337 centimeters wide, did not pass the doors of the rooms. Secret of this ability? An ingenious system of digital cutters and the intervention of an upholsterer.

Unusual: 14 bed heads are codes freed

miss Tiss

7. The chart headboard
Paris, France

This headboard is from a collection called Paint. Each part of the series is a true? Pictorial piece of contemporary figurative painting in the landscape. Here she evokes abstract art in a monochrome of pink and gray. Inspired by Kandinsky or Mondrian, it breathes through its soft colors a certain serenity to the room.

Unusual: 14 bed heads are codes freed

Alida And Miller

8. The head of hippie chic bed
Byron Bay, Australia

Passionate flea market, the owners of this house have turned into a cavern with eclectic treasures and colorfully. The room itself is a real hippie chic sanctum sanctorum, or a multitude of pillows ethnic spirit sets the tone. On black background, Peacock bed head in white rattan, Anthropologie, inevitably attracts the eye.

Unusual: 14 bed heads are codes freed

Ohara Davies-Gaetano Interiors

9. The head of romantic-pop bed
Orange County, USA

Retro and romantic, this headboard seduced as much by its size as its graphics. The powdery colors confer a softness to the room, accentuated by the profusion of pillows of a white immaculate. This fabric is inspired by suzani, an Uzbek embroidery technique with similar patterns.

Unusual: 14 bed heads are codes freed

frenchStef Interior Design

10. The Victorian headboard
London, England

Perhaps is it the decale humor pillows portraits or gray carbon that is often found in the London interiors, but this interior evokes us immediately Britain. The headboard is in reality a half-wall with integrated storage, which hides a small bathroom. A great way, too, to benefit the whole room light Velux.

Unusual: 14 bed heads are codes freed

Clifton Interiors Ltd

11. The headboard of school board
London, England

In this room is the wall that plays the role of head of bed Artfully painted with chalkboard paint, it allows the whole family to express his or her talents creatifs prose. No need to hang a variety of settings: the deco is constantly renewed a lower cost, provided to pay attention to the chalk dust. Another idea is to copy without moderation.

Let your creativity thanks to the chalkboard paint

Unusual: 14 bed heads are codes freed

JAUREGUI Architecture Interiors Construction

12. The rollers headboard
Austin, USA

A goldsmith work that compose the headboard in satin rollers! This was made by Christopher Guy, inspired by the coastal landscape around his business.
Between pearl necklace and shell collection, this bed is adorned with a veritable jewel.

Unusual: 14 bed heads are codes freed

WMOR Architects

13. The head of backlit bed
London, England

retro-futuristic feel with this backlit headboard in a penthouse in Covent Garden. Like the Pompidou Centre in Paris, cables and piping are not hidden, but instead set off by bright, sharp colors on the walls and white ceilings. In a demarche equally creative, head wooden bed is illuminated by white LED for a very contemporary style.

Unusual: 14 bed heads are codes freed

Ana Bejar Interiorismo

14. The head raft bed

The neutrality of decoration and selected tones serves superb brightness of this Villa Mandarina, who from the top of a rocky promontory has a breathtaking view over the Mediterranean. The marine spirit is everywhere, even in the bed head Patina composed of trunks in white, it evokes a raft carries the waves. For visual effect strengthens the trunks of different lengths have been placed symmetrically.

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