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Unusual: 13 gambling halls overflowing with imagination

To dedicate an entire room to the children fun and it contains all their toys, we need to have the luxury of space. But you are rather playful or full corner room, you will find inspiring ideas in the 13 gambling halls that stick out (by far!) The boundaries of the imagination. Original, thematic or design, they were thoughts that the creativity of children and expressed their PSYCHOMOTRICITY it develops. A true dream for little ones, a return to childhood for adults. Do not forget to tell us which one you prefer and your children!

Unusual: 13 gambling halls overflowing with imagination

Design Loves Detail

1. The drill playroom
Lehi, USA

The decorator has created this project began at the height of the three children, who were soon from a storm of this mini-drill feerique. It thus creates clouds and grass to their scale, hollow punches laser in wooden panels rather than painted on the wall. 3D, it’s so much fun!
All accessories are linked to the forest. The poisonous mushroom stools, found in trade, were unearthed on a used website and saw their style sixties makeover.

WE love : The choice of material, MDF wood that reduces the risk of splinters compared to plywood.

Discover the entire project

Unusual: 13 gambling halls overflowing with imagination

Chango Co.

2. The favorite pieces of Maya the Bee
Westhamptons, USA

No need to invest in expensive designer wallpaper. This attic room is dressed in black duct tape crosses. The edges of the ceiling, painted black also give a geometric character to the room, accentuated by the look scratched the tipi. But this gambling hall do not forget to be fun with swings strings and relaxation space, consists of tapestry cushions.

WE love : The economic trick to «pimp» a white ceiling and make a design element and baroque.

Unusual: 13 gambling halls overflowing with imagination

?? ?????? / Guild Hiroshi Kamata of my design

3. A large blue box
Tokyo, Japan

This stash painted blue duck brings a touch of pizzazz to this noble loft floor and rough walls. Made from composite wood panels, it creates a playful separation in a large bright room and offers personal space children. Its opening: a simple window that gives the impression the little landlubber of being in a boat. A cabin design and original actually not that difficult to copy.

WE love : The composite material ecologist, easy and affordable work of the cabin, which gives ideas.

Unusual: 13 gambling halls overflowing with imagination

Архитектурная студия Ruetemple

4. The top perch play area
Moscow, Russia

The architect wanted to play on volumes, exploiting the height of the room. This little boy and have their own play area, just above Daddy’s office. A bold and original project that packs the whole family. Goodbye bulky cabinets, hello functional storage spaces and colores. The unit set includes nets and ladders and ropes come to share the room while letting light. The bright yellow done giving pep instead.

WE love : The hammocks nets. A fun idea and deco.

Unusual: 13 gambling halls overflowing with imagination

Living_Design / soramado-oita

5. A playful paradise
Oita, Japan

Bright and spacious, this room is ideal for the development of motor skills of young children, who can romp, and extracurricular workshops. The different areas stand out, round up and were all accessible to smaller ones that can move from one activity to another. After the swing, so they can choose to draw or make board games, available for ranges adapted in large bins. Of different soil textures colorful carpet, everything is thought to stimulate the development of children.

WE love : The ingenious ideas to create a place of psychomotor development.

Unusual: 13 gambling halls overflowing with imagination

Gabriel Builders Inc.

6. The Cabin in the Woods

What a dream for little adventurers! An indoor play area, with nothing less than a true cover slide and a climbing wall, just for them. The ceiling was covered with a mural that represents the sky and the trees. The outside is invited in when you can not play in the garden.
If you have a high ceiling room and you want to dedicate your kids, do not hesitate to reproduce the idea of ​​the cabin accessible by a ladder. A Bard loft bed boards, there is not even need to be very handy.

WE love : A real log cabin in the forest in the heart even of the house. Happiness has pure state.

Unusual: 13 gambling halls overflowing with imagination

Chris Snook

7. The graphic playroom
London, England

Coloree and fun, this game room is a real tribute to the children’s design. Trophies of stuffed animals with graphic patterns of the wallpaper through the tepee, this play reads like a trend book for passionate deco in shorts. The coffee table, from large retailers, was cleverly reused in children desk. The storage blocks Lego incite a way to bring order and having fun.

WE love : The neutral colors that match as a girl has a little boy.

Unusual: 13 gambling halls overflowing with imagination

MaK Interiors

8. The nest chamber
Vancouver, Canada

The angle of the wall was covered with wood siding into a nice hiding place to which we accede by a small scale, as we ascend in a nest.
In the center of the room, a large playground was made and degagee cozy a very colorful carpets and large cushions pebbles. Not to mention the storage space left along the walls.

WE love : The nest secret, which saves space and entertains children.

Unusual: 13 gambling halls overflowing with imagination


9. The nature colors playroom
Moscow, Russia

The room was simple: light wood floors and white furniture. Some green touches and good ideas were enough to make it a fun and original space. A bench with storage space was covered with a sky bright green plywood, which meets the beam facing it. Wholesale paper lanterns, very accessible financially, and a carpet inspired motifs of nature round off the ambience of this sweet game room and punchy at a time.

WE love : Low-covered furniture cushions that serve as seats and an extra bed for visiting friends.

Unusual: 13 gambling halls overflowing with imagination

She Baker Interiors

10. The play room for small sports
New York, USA

We have no doubt in the home of a family of passionate sport. The girls who live here do not forget to be as many princesses. And this polymorphic pieces in the form of their games the time: sometimes basketball court, sometimes playground with swing. And if the mood takes them to play the fairy tale, a giant castle painted on the wall reminds them that anything is possible. Meme tobogganing inside.

WE love : The wall frieze feminized the sporty look of the room by turning basketball jerseys in pretty dresses.

Unusual: 13 gambling halls overflowing with imagination

Mindi Freng Designs

11. My cabin at the back of the room
Grand Rapids, USA

The mother of three is lucky smallholders designer interior and offered them this playroom for Christmas. She wanted a dedicated place where they can let their imagination to flourish. The boards of the cabin were purchased in a second-hand shop. The floor mat, he is in reality a patchwork made from carpet scraps. Frescoes, painted by the hands of parents, only cover three of the four walls. The latter is allowed to children, so they can let their creativity speak.

WE love : The white wall that kids can decorate as they wish.

Unusual: 13 gambling halls overflowing with imagination

Ensoul Interior Architecture

12. A basement ingenious
London, England

In a deep underground 5 meters, we discover this very ingenious game room well illuminated by a large skylight overlooking the lawn of the court. On the hem of dedicated storage wall, some shelves have been deliberately left open for the little boys of the house can easily grab toys. To get down to the hut, decorated wooden sheets made by a carpenter, who was inspired by the trees of the garden, they have a choice: it’s toboggan or stairs!

WE love : Plenty of storage. Very practical to give another use later in the play.

Unusual: 13 gambling halls overflowing with imagination

Sarah Greenman

13. Lego game room
Dallas, USA

As evidenced by the many small blocks, the young boy is fascinated by Lego. But at this age, we have other passions like the slide and books. Art of the students were solicited to paint on the wall the favorite characters of the lucky few who occupies this playroom. A height cabin, designed by the mother, was made to measure.

WE love : The little secret tunnel that leads to the room of the little boy, very Alice in Wonderland.

What do you think of these gambling halls?

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    B A 

    Nice idea the swings in the 2



    I love the 4, 6, 12, 13, because you can climb for a quiet corner at the top !!


    La maison de cedre 

    If wanted, I want to slide out of bed!


    Anne Laure Gwezmou 

    Wow the cabin in the woods is truly magical, the child as the adult in me love!



    It makes you want to be a kid again!


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