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Unusual: 12 libraries XXL go to assault the walls

rickety wooden shelves the fizzled. Henceforth, libraries are architectural elements in its own right, especially when dressing an entire wall. Emblematic of the family she jealously guard the books, they are adorned with his photos, his memories, his art and his taste. Some defy the laws of gravity, transcend design codes for even more demesure. Go and pick a book — or idea — in one of them.

Unusual: 12 libraries XXL go to assault the walls

Don Welch Architecture

1. The partition library
Vermont, USA
Rather than settle for a conventional separation to divide a large room, the owners of this house have bright dare see big. Resolutely nature, this library was completely made of light wood. The bench on which to curl up with a favorite book, and a ladder to access the most up seats volumes were necessary in the very essence. Different parts of a whole.
The library plays on verticality and horizontality to provide more storage space.

Unusual: 12 libraries XXL go to assault the walls

Agnes Agnes architecture

2. pop cubes
Paris, France
In Paris, or the square meters are scarce, the library rises to the ceiling. Gigantism effect reinforced by the reduced size of the cubes that compose it. Real nugget design, this facility combines storage and partition. Some shelves colorful pop reinforce the effect of this resolutely creative furniture.

Unusual: 12 libraries XXL go to assault the walls


3. The wall shelves
Melbourne, Australia
This gigantic library has perfect symmetry. It is the central element of a classic lounge with mussels ceilings. Key contemporary elegance of an apartment in the sober academic. giant key, but key anyway.
The owners are playing the card of «meuble- work of art» by classifying books by colors.

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Unusual: 12 libraries XXL go to assault the walls

The Works

4. The supervision of literary window
Portland, USA
These original New Yorkers wanted absolutely seething culture of the city that never sleeps supports them in their new family life in Portland. This has been made possible thanks to this space-saving library that marries the window and makes the echo beams, blending perfectly with the spirit of the house.

Unusual: 12 libraries XXL go to assault the walls

Pierre Petit

5. The classic revisited
Paris, France
A piece of extraordinary volumes, extraordinary library. This furniture with oversized dimensions soberly adorns the wall of this Haussmann apartment already well adorned by its bourgeois moldings. The library, a carefully studied simplicity, is composed of panels with white sides.

Unusual: 12 libraries XXL go to assault the walls

Platform 5 Architects

6. The tower of books
London, England
«The tower of books», that is the name that have given the architects who designed this library has two floors. The reception room and the bedroom open top even exist in a continuity of material thanks to this installation which takes place continuously. The set has been completely realized in light oak.

Unusual: 12 libraries XXL go to assault the walls


7. The library futuristic lines
Paris, France
It is the spirit of the futuristic design of the 70s that we find in this staircase-library. He dresses the wall of its asymmetrical lines and marches espouse the shelves. The owners of this apartment wanted a multifunctional element. The entire apartment has then been thinking about what holds most of the architectural feat as the library.

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Unusual: 12 libraries XXL go to assault the walls

Crowell Co. Interiors +

8. The library poetic
Nashville, USA
This library dimensions unconventional yet gives an impression of lightness. Almost poetry. Is it by its fine wooden shelves? The disuse of its former shelf? Or the artistic treatment that was worn by the color grading books? This library was desired by the owners as another resident of the house. It is a central element of life and the deco of the room.

Unusual: 12 libraries XXL go to assault the walls

S + D inland architectures

9. The library boheme
Paris, France
This apartment under the roofs of Paris plays between the bohemian spirit of the neighborhood (the X? Arrondissement) and the inherent industrial finishes building. furniture vintage find their place under the concrete beams that encircle the living room. The library is only one facet of the place, filled with works of art and eclectic objects.

Unusual: 12 libraries XXL go to assault the walls

symbol Audio

10. The combination of wood and metal
New York, USA
«Symbol of New York» for its architects, the loft has the metal structure is a kind of archetype. This library, which was not to indicate, is a true staging. Strategically placed, its shelves alternate strong materials like steel and wood and its design is a very design sobriety.

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Unusual: 12 libraries XXL go to assault the walls

Celine Lempereur

11. The Scandinavian sobriety
Paris, France
In immaculate whiteness, the library plays epure. Its main quality is to give volume to the room by adjusting the verticality, thanks to its fine shelves, and capturing the light. Its slender lines are judiciously by underlining a door frame wood color.

Unusual: 12 libraries XXL go to assault the walls

Mike Alleg / HR i-bays

12. Industrial shelves
Paris, France
What you notice first about this library? It is the purest illustration of the industrial style. Rivets, railing cross and metallic structure, not an element is missing.

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    A corner bookcase with low storage farm in medium and painted in the color of the walls to store everything, the books but also your beautiful paintings
    Everything has its place !!!


    Celine Moreau 

    You have managed to combine the traditional library with the scale with the modernity of the layout and selected materials.


    Macha Modot 

    I love this record! I dream of a stair library or across a wall. thank you


    Christele Jacob 

    Or can we find addresses for the Scandinavian library?


    Hanane Benyoucef 

    I like the style of this library but with different kind of furniture



    I search for 1 year a library ladder to the style of the Bibliotheque partition; could you tell me where to get one?


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