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Unusual: 12 garages roll of mechanical

Passionate lover of architecture or large cars, this folder is for you! bold amenities, clever storage: 12 these achievements have more tricks in their bag to take advantage of the time and especially space, pamper cars and motorcycles of the masters of the place. Climb it takes you to tour these incredible garages!

Unusual: 12 garages roll of mechanical

Assen Emilov Photography

1. Design Garage
Sofia, Bulgaria

In this ambitious architectural project baptize Pagoda House, the car is staging such a work of art. This design construction, based on the opposition of raw metal and light wood, offers ideal ecrin a car owner’s collection. One of the garage wall sections is entirely glass and overlooks the living room, exposing more than it ranks precious car.

Unusual: 12 garages roll of mechanical

A Parallel Architecture

2. The garage floors
Austin, USA

This garage is a model in matters of space optimization. To counter the lack of floor space and has succeed accommodate two vehicles, a car elevator was installed. A bold Layouts who even helped find a place to install arcade games, accessible for the whole family thanks to the opening of the garden.

Unusual: 12 garages roll of mechanical


3. The collector garage
Saint-Symphorien-sur-Coise, France

a pendant chandelier and exposed canvases: this garage is more of a gentlemen’s club that the den for mechanics hands covered with grease. Black and red, it pays tribute to legendary Italian cars, the intense red, inspired by the light and power, is the hallmark. This is also what drives the architect to use it to decorate a library serving the collection of the owner.

Unusual: 12 garages roll of mechanical


4. The minimalist Garage
Aachen, Germany

No room for storage or workroom in this ultra-minimalist garage that holds more besides the Pleasance. But a choice that responds to the architecture and the colors of the house.

Unusual: 12 garages roll of mechanical

Closet Organizing Systems

5. Garage Mecano
Chicago, USA

Designed as a garage sixties, this temple of retro car is decorated with a fuel pump vintage chines and oil cans. Professional cabinets are made of melamine and aluminum and the floor covered with a protective coating of polyurethane resistant to liquids. It would be a pity that such beautiful place is covered with grease!

Unusual: 12 garages roll of mechanical

Robert Young Architects

6. Garage with view

Open on both sides, this old barn converted into a garage offers stunning views of the lake. It is used to store the boats and nautical equipment store the family who comes to holiday here, as evidenced by the racks installed along the walls and on which are warehoused surfboards. Although the main house or in cedar painted white, the architect chose to retain the brick walls to give a real look at this port hangar garage. More chic!

Unusual: 12 garages roll of mechanical

???????? ????

7. epure Garage
Musashino, Japan

The challenge was to size for the architectural firm in charge of the Layouts of the house since the space was built only 50 m. Cote garage, the challenge was to make not one but two cars back! A challenge notes thanks to the Layouts two small adjoining garages, just large enough to accommodate a vehicle. To gain in brightness, the first floor was lowered and a horizontal window-added.

Unusual: 12 garages roll of mechanical

DAP Stockholm AB

8. The troglodyte Garage
Stockholm, Sweden

With its reddish brown tones, the villa Midgard is a real challenge to the laws of gravity. From the pool to the garage, each element is the result of work grows in volume and a subtle game open / covered with a garage, consists of a simple door-to-fake concrete, which seems to sprout is the first face.

Unusual: 12 garages roll of mechanical

Platinum Series by Mark Molthan

9. The retro Garage
Dallas, USA

A real luxury showroom vehicles that garage! The anti-skid floor is as sober as servants of workshop are forgotten along the wall. The light is the only star of this place: the car. The back wall was covered with a custom made fresco on the theme of the first automobile races. A rich area of ​​the passion of the owner.

Unusual: 12 garages roll of mechanical

Morton Buildings, Inc.

10. The garage Route 66
Tennessee, USA

Retro fuel pump, breeding ground of the famous panel of Route 66 and, of course, bumpers gleaming old americaines waiting their turn for a new road trip : this garage is an ode to the road and the best cars that made history. The building steel paneling has been specially feeding to house the passion of the owner. The soil is both resistant to traces of rubber and thermally insulating.

Unusual: 12 garages roll of mechanical

Aria Design Inc

11. The hub Garage
Orange County, USA

The owner of this garage is definitely a fan of motocross. To exit the bike he wishes to drive without having to make perilous maneuvers, he opted for a creative hub system. The back window overlooking the living room, or our lover of beautiful bikes can keep an eye on their babies.

Unusual: 12 garages roll of mechanical

Allen Construction

12. The elevator Garage
Santa Barbara, USA

In a space of 18 m? Reserve logically has one car, this automatic elevator provides ingeniously to park two. The house being situated by the sea, the walls were covered with titanium sheets, material resistant to corrosion. The rest of the façade is a stucco reinforcing cement, which render the plaster hand-worked.

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