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Tulip by light Moredesign

Need a little fantasy? The trend is that the light Elements, pots, blocks, investing more and more your gardens and terraces. This thrust instilled by the now famous deco proposed issuance on television is becoming increasingly important after falling extensively bright price. (Still not given, but it comes close gradually)

After the pot, the block, the chair, the table, the ottoman, the parasol, the light bar here is the pot offers directly with a flower (a tulip) Of enormous size and the same color as the pot. A solution for people who do not have a green thumb! All to your tulips !

Tulip by light Moredesign

Tulip by light Moredesign

Tulip by light Moredesign

Tulip by light Moredesign

The article is available in different sizes, 40 cm and 150 cm, white, green, orange, pink

Article available for purchase: here

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    Natalya Philips 

    They are super nice, but several, and when you see the price of a single tulip, er indeed it still does not give the light deco!


    Celeste Knox 

    For the less fortunate… a small tip of dimension at Cdiscount LED light with remote pot cheap…

    Please note prices vary, you should know the right time to be !!


    Pearce Stinchcomb 

    It’s simple and effective as a design. Very nice when they are in a row!


    Krish Clements 

    .it hiper sweet com atmosphaire arts that can create an artist it’s a fairy tale I will love and feel how it ‘ romantic dreaming between ca tulips gives a great vied to create .wawwww…


    Ron Gathright 

    Balances here:


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