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Transformation of a duplex house

The architect Abramson Teiger just completed the conversion of an existing duplex a beautiful house situated in Manhattan Beach, California.
The architects modified facade by integrating large openings in order to create a connection to the house promenade.La benefited a large roof terrace, which allows people to have fun and enjoy the California sun.
The intermediate floor contains the main living areas while the third floor host the master bedroom.

transformation duplex-house-01

transformation duplex-house-13

transformation duplex-house-12

transformation duplex-house-11

transformation duplex-house-10

transformation duplex-house-09

transformation duplex-house-08

transformation duplex-house-07

transformation duplex-house-06

transformation duplex-house-05

transformation duplex-house-04

transformation duplex-house-03

transformation duplex-house-02

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