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Tradition and wire, outdoor furniture by Alessandra Baldereschi

Tradition and wire, outdoor furniture by Alessandra Baldereschi

The Wire in all its states, Alessandra Baldereschi Italian designer presents us his outdoor collection baptized without detour Fildefer the brand Skitsch.

Refer to line our traditional sofas, upholstered but scoring only thanks to the curves worked iron rods, the seat it will be composed entirely of plexiglass, a retro-modern style very interesting.

Tradition and wire, outdoor furniture by Alessandra Baldereschi
Tradition and wire, outdoor furniture by Alessandra Baldereschi
Tradition and wire, outdoor furniture by Alessandra Baldereschi
Tradition and wire, outdoor furniture by Alessandra Baldereschi

Site Designer: Alessandra Baldereschi

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    Ezekiel Broadgate 

    Ron Arad: «I have not seen this one before».
    A drawing for Moooi made by an Italian, selects by Italian and edited by. Italian DAE virus progresses…



    DESIGN zapping?
    The technique of filo di ferro Italian capitonne which draws a very taking of Dutch designers of the new generation Eindhoven and the English with a French name for export, it must be done in addition to a plexi And not for sitting making reference to 5, 5 Reanim designers but contemporaineiser design, I would say the drawing of Alessandra Baldereschi.



    Flux Jerszy Seymour for Magis + is simple to manufacture.


    Bertrand Crooks 

    of a lot of problems with robots Magis.



    A seated between theatrical design Urquiola Navona which follows a naive design literal as sub 5.5 designers, sub Fabio Novembre (fish in fish glass plate / tray with chair backs as wrists etc)


    Denny Moss 

    To give you an idea of ​​its portfolio in video.


    Bertram Sarge 

    Skitsch Sketch of you has Moooi.
    The CEO Renato Preti Skitsch (what difficult misnomer to write to the Internet era) has just been put on the Delete key. It’s time for the art director and «gray eminence» Cristina Morozzi to create an editorial logic and communication that seems to me to follow logically from the name I thought draws sketch. Extend the wire with the Czech designer Jan Plecháč which this is the diploma project. It is clear that the constructive proceeds by robotized soda wire is updated answer to the transparent plastic Starckienne and must integrate them in priority the Louis XVI chair Jan Plecháč
    With Massaud and Ding 3000, the collection of furniture, lighting begins to stand. but the collection of objects is hardly a sketch.


    Xavier Litt 

    girls on the razor’s edge without falling into kitsch and girly.


    Lee Haycox 

    Rather ^^ ot Magis quoted above, it is an alternative to a Urquiola Emu collection re-located in 2008 (as in French) as wire like what if the italian lifestyle uses french names is that it is not so Italian What are our industry as Fermob (Isabelle Vidal, Bernard Reybier) much bigger than Skitch to idealize their brand and feminize their production line?


    Myrtis Kingham 

    FERMOB OF A FERMOD It is a short step to a collection dressier, more feminine, more fashion Why not statutfer.
    «We want to offer easy to understand forms and products with a story. We stay in a register of proximity when many brands have a statutory speech, «Bernard Reybier.


    Berneice Rich 

    this simple design is good for summer.



    The optical effect is realized, it is clear upholstery.


    Algy Rakes 

    Optical effect or expensive visual imposture deco has Damido?
    English capitonne says deep-button, so deep button Do you think the button represented by a circle seems profound.


    Mylo Urey 

    It comes as Jan Plecháč the dematerialisation but Alessandra Baldereschi treats a little more to the Peynet like its other objects. Of iconic furniture pieces were transformed into wire light structures for the use of outdoor furniture. A shortcut graphics manufactures of wire contemporary answer to the dematerialisation Starckienne by plastic transparency.


    Moss Hornbrook 

    without going into sentimentality markete a styling was the Andre Rieu.


    Thadeus Lidster 

    The clothing design (fashion design) product design (product design) and in particular furniture or when the drawing becomes subject.
    What Karl Lagerfeld with his abstract way with words and derision and which can be applied to the design.


    Jericho Mathur 

    thank you for sharing this,
    Where can I buy this chair?
    or just a special design?


    Jose Slemmons 

    it is on topic just follow the thread. otherwise on its website Skitsch indicates its distributors and 3 shops.


    Scot Moreton 

    RARE: Skitch has sketches for Magis.
    Some often clumsy drawings, designs that we do not know (who knows the biz plans, market entrepreneur plans even having made hec or essec) and destinies that we often know from press relations expenses and Editors of life style by true experts in design.


    Inigo Hackney 

    In 2009 she exhibited at the Milan furniture with the ENSAD NOTHING.
    Later she collaborated with Gric. He talks about his work Alessi BINGO.


    Raj Livermore 

    Deglobalisation DESIGN?
    At a period when we talk about primary, to elementary, nationalism, de-globalization, of regions, of departments (especially Correze, North and…. the Saone et Loire) …. not as an elementary wire that leads me Pauline Deltour has (a Parisian design school ENSAD a straightforward business comtoise Fouineteau, an SME Haute Saone specialized in manufacturing with metal wire, a Munich studio of Konstantin Grcic, a Lombard company Alberto Alessi, a boss a kind of Steve Jobs european) …. …


    Rachael Parmalee 

    Everyone can have his throne!


    Truman Maher 

    yes, but a throne wire.


    Leandro Crest 

    Drawing (the design) of a Throne.



    I thought that was how in the chair tronic Max Lipsey.


    Aracelis Gullick 

    Urban greenhouses Clementine Schmidt and Luc Beaussart.



    Seeing this project of the Superior School of Art and Design in Reims (Audrey Charre, Clementine Schmidt and Luc Beaussart), I fell off my chair Louis XVI. The arms fall to me, you’re not going to link all over iron projects of design schools in the world RDD has taken too. Probably to revive its thread.


    Virgil Mawhinney 

    Francois Clerc (which I quite critical) makes his own confession restyling wire De Castelli. It is managed. A little classy?

    Even Ron Gilad is not usually my cup of tea .fait a number of equilibriste has Nendo.


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