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To a new version, what do you think?

To a new version, that'en pensez vous ?

Blog advance, grows, growing in scale, so it’s time to think about a new version. Yes I speak for a while now, but it is decided, the project is launched

I ask you all, enlightened commentators, amateurs, professionals to discuss future evolutions to come: your ideas, your desires, your contributions, your involvement

To a new version, that'en pensez vous ?

Every criticism is good to take, ergonomics, research, commentary, heading editorial line, subject, community, subscription, interviews, event, show, exhibition, network, photos, sharing You’re listening!

Thank you all for your help.

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    Design Battle Comments pictures with multi-criteria search.



    The image confrontation. with a text situating each «work» in time, the status of the object and the designer.


    Elena Ansted 

    It is clear that Fabio can not get wet, will grill the wings with a text, but Vincent can. I did Trends for and Yatzer.


    Slade Staron 

    very interesting these confrontations, battle, parallel…


    Rachal Cartledge 

    Here is the first I’ve organized a chair between the Bouroullec brothers and chair of Spanish designer Lievore Altherr Molina This is not the best known product that has won so whoever wins is less known often to be more and better known.


    Roxanne Palmer 

    It is less clear if this is not the same type? Clerc-for-De-Castelli-


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