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Tiptop portable speaker for under-exploited corners

Tiptop portable speaker for under-exploited corners

Alex Walker, Jack Brody and Madeleine Thompson, Three students from Stanford D.School We feature original project dubbed portable speaker Tiptop which aim to occupy the abandoned areas, more particularly the room angles.

A simple but effective concept, a triangular Bluetooth speaker that can be positioned on its base and maximizing the acoustic resonance. The base is fixed thanks to a single screw, fast, the speaker will bind him thanks to magnets.

Tiptop portable speaker for under-exploited corners
Tiptop portable speaker for under-exploited corners
Tiptop portable speaker for under-exploited corners
Tiptop portable speaker for under-exploited corners
Tiptop portable speaker for under-exploited corners
Tiptop portable speaker for under-exploited corners
Tiptop portable speaker for under-exploited corners

The accuracy of the creators:

» Natural Acoustic Amplification // Tiptop turns your walls and ceiling Into amplifiers of rich, deep sound. Placing a source of sound close to the wall naturally maximizes bass frequencies. By Placing Tiptop in the corner using the Tiptop Mount, Emitted sound waves naturally Reflect off of nearby surfaces — the walls and ceiling.

These reflected sound waves travel Into the room in the live stage with energy from the speaker. This Creates constructive interference entre les Emitted and reflected waves. Put simply? Truer bass, fuller and crisper highs midranges from an incredibly small package.»

Tiptop portable speaker for under-exploited corners
Tiptop portable speaker for under-exploited corners
Tiptop portable speaker for under-exploited corners
Tiptop portable speaker for under-exploited corners
Tiptop portable speaker for under-exploited corners
Tiptop portable speaker for under-exploited corners
Tiptop portable speaker for under-exploited corners
Tiptop portable speaker for under-exploited corners

This project is progressing but still need investment, its creators therefore expect your help via Kickstarter


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    BRISTOL design and carbon paper.
    One day I drew this in my sketchbook… .and then I left in a corner.
    One day, after 5 years .corner Lamp for Established and Sons by Peter Bristol American designer.
    Peter Bristol has a bad CV Voila these prices / awards Peter Bristom Carbon Design.
    Spark Concept Gold Award: Toggle Remote.
    IDEA Bronze Award: Microsoft Touch Mouse.
    Cut Chair featured in the 2011 Bumbershoot’s «The Magic Show» Exhibition.
    Spark Pro Gold Award: Microsoft Touch Mouse.
    Spark Pro Bronze Award: Microsoft Express Mouse.
    Good Design Award: Microsoft Touch Mouse.
    Good Design Award: Microsoft Express Mouse.
    ID Magazine Annual Design Review judge Equipment Category.
    Spark Silver Award: Pathway System JetStream®
    Spark Silver Award: Nanopoint Microfluidics Controller.
    Good Design Award: Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000
    Good Design Award: Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 6000
    Good Design Award: Nanopoint Microfluidics Controller.
    Good Design Award: Pathway System JetStream®
    IDEA GOLD Nanopoint Microfluidics Controller.
    «LED Lamp Shade» displayed at Design Within Reach «Design a Classic» gallery show.
    IDEA GOLD Pathway PV atherectomy System.
    Red Dot Honorable mention for Microsoft BlueTrack Explorer and Explorer Mini.
    ID Magazine Design Distinction Award (Silver) Pathway PV atherectomy System.
    ID Magazine Product Category Winner (Gold) Nanopoint Microfluidics System.
    IDSA NW «Best in Show» Award Nanopoint ad hoc Microfluidics System.
    IDSA NW Gold Award Nanopoint Microfluidics System.
    IDSA NW Silver award Pathway PV atherectomy System.
    IDEA Bronze for Tippi FingerTip Grips Product and Brand.
    IDEA gold for Nanopoint CellTray.
    Technical Innovation for the Microsoft Wireless Mouse 8000
    IDSA Student Merit Award.
    WWU BSID Senior of the Year.


    Chandler Temple 

    I’m not the only Indian designer Abhinav Dapke had the same idea.


    Mario Aleman 

    Primary, secondary design Design.
    Make a triangle is within the reach of any primary school. Just as to a lamp, a wall triangular in a corner when not even ask too much design thinking let’s say a high school education no need to make the ensci.
    Peter Bristol is a designer diploma WWU Western Washington University.
    Abhinav Dapke is a diploma designer Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay University of Mumbai.
    Make a speaker request a much higher level.



    A speaker pre-positioned in the corner of walls?
    «The walls are both friends and foes without them, the listening room is soundproof room with them it becomes resonance box of The best is to try to put as much space as possible between them and your speakers wherever possible. «Haute. fidelite. com. online.


    Gabby Buckey 

    A lot of noise for nothing?
    This project required $ 215,000 through Kickstarter He reached the deadline without reaching its target of Financing period May 1, 2013 Funding — June 1, 2013 (31 days)
    A good product is it an idea?
    Questce a good idea in product design? (Taking into account the technical optimum in Hi tech is rarely the technical solution that is gaining greater market share)



    idea of ​​box.
    According to co-designer Jack Brody «The form changed the way you use the product, but it also changes the way in which the product uses space», arguing that too many speakers are «reconditioned products» rather new ideas that actually »
    «[The shape] forex how you use the product, how objective it aussi exchange the product uses the space» co-creator Jack Brody tells me arguing That too many speakers are «repackaged goods» Actually injustement than fresh ideas. »
    We can even go further, the new techno company marketing strategy is just to ask a drawing a design star. This application has his right arm and so on At an end was a student drawing We find the product photo in the designer’s website in the Hi tech.


    Kamala Quinton 

    Idea to box.


    Alister Brennan 

    to submit to future designerbox.



    — Blog Esprit Design.
    quesaco? Designer day? designerbox?


    Erv Legge 

    In design as in marketing, the pump is the beginning of a concept, an innovation, invention.
    Copyright in design as in micro marketing structure is often targets the niche market drink, micro Niche.


    Brand Pan 

    principle of the box, but applies to the design… presentation article certainly come… we will discuss it at this moment, the subject here is different.



    I know that in the management of computer box that I put photos of 2 boxes (one com com failure and success of the same brand designer studio). so do not know who said «a good product in the wind» . More upstream of the product is more important than the final product.


    Hubert Plante 

    The Bermuda Triangle of the com Marketo design?
    Young designers exploring niches, corners .who are the types abandoned by the major studios and studios known or.
    They use the system of Online Fundraising for a project, social networks and blogs to foam the com, to create traffic to Online Fundraising.
    With 27,900 occurrences (which is very good) on google to get a 437 subscriber, there must be a weakness in their concept of the Bermuda Triangle com Marketo design.


    Rodrigo Bray 

    In my opinion, the Americans know well. Their idea is to get hired in Silicon Valley in California (at Fuseproject for example) or the highest rating of Seattle (the Carbon Studio Peter Bristol seriously working with Microsoft and equally seriously with the furniture market not for Milan but to furnish blogs)
    They want to show their conceptual creativity to the manner US, not to the manner in Eindhoven or Ensci Alas there was a loophole for marketing. Which One?



    The designers did not go far enough in ridicule.
    Many design schools including Stanford uses and abuses of the method of post it notes 3m Their master was thinking creativity Brendan Boyle, who works Ideo,
    «An idea might feel ridiculous, it turns out profit To Be brilliant,» he said. «Most people do not go far enough in the ridiculous. »
    «One idea might seem ridiculous, but it turns out to be brilliant,» he said. «Most people do not go far enough into the ridiculous. »
    Read more:
    Read more:
    One of the innovative techniques is to take an idea in the luminaire industry (designer Peter Bristol) and apply it to another: the hi.
    They managed to make more noise than internet mediatic «peter bristol» stroke Established sounds.



    The only problem is that the high-ceiling speaker, corner and ceiling near the corner already exist.


    Caius Sayer 

    in the same form.


    Jaime Audiss 

    And in more open configuration.


    Isabell Odell 

    And DIY handyman option.


    Art Barber 

    it deserves a prize.



    Walker, Jack Brody.
    tip top tee shirts your campaign in the clipboard.



    Walker, Jack Brody and Madeleine Thompson, Stanford D. School.
    The stackien name is tip top (used for a table Kartell) .Tip Top. is a slang expression meaning the order as pupil or excellent but in your implementation you just forget the difference between an object and the speaker.



    when I have a high idea of ​​the design .I wonder what think Naoto Fukasawa, an ex of ideo and humorous speaker.


    Caius Searcy 

    Pyramid box.
    Finally their project is Tip Top but not the still image presentation which induces a ceiling corner positioning / ceiling corner and does not show the modularity of the product. A small flat for drawing support has screwed into the wall .from his.
    I think it will have no problem to set up a start-up in San Francisco.
    As I do not have his / vimeo I took care to see this you tube video.

    Yves Behart of Fuseproject Chief Creative Officer of the company mobile technology Jawbone very stingy design but very prolific in design will soon make a floor her arms on a new version rights.


    Mack Johnstone 

    Council Prof Z:
    -Eliminate To put the screws in the walls for the market surout for the German market in general and tenants.
    -work on MACRO PATTERNS as would normal studio. or any other studio deco trend.


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