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The Treewood lamp is a mechanical shaft Entreautre

The Treewood lamp is a mechanical shaft Entreautre

The collective of french designers Entreautre back again on the blog to present us a new establishment named Treewood, in direct collaboration with Julien Emery.

A desk lamp revisiting the traditional lamp architect, made of solid wood, Walnut, Oak and Ash, bringing him a little more heat. This is supported by a robust steel base metal allowing manipulation together without falling over.

The Treewood lamp is a mechanical shaft Entreautre

The taste of detail even pushes designers gainer was the electric wire to energize all!

 His description:

» The Treewood lamp is a mechanical shaft. A walnut, an ash or oak, size has the sickle for technical construction. The branches are assemblies around quick release levers to create a structure has three joints. Simple and effective, very dense foot stabilizes the lamp in its extreme positions.

The power cord colors climbing up the tree on a Masters course to reach the cubic head, marker Treewood collection.»

The collective:

» Created in 2011 Entreautre continues its development and focuses its work on the «good design». In sandstone dating, the catalog Cloth printing, and soon will show 5 completes collections;

With our meeting with Julian Emery, founder of the treewood workshop, we decided to edit and propose the sale its very first inception. Logically, the collection is called Treewood»

The Treewood lamp is a mechanical shaft Entreautre

More information about the collective: Entreautre (see their articles)

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Comments: 22

    Theodor Mosley 

    J’adooore «my lamp is a tree» . but «my lamp is a mechanical tree» is reached Surrealism. . text.
    So I frieze my mustache and I DALI.
    Visually this is not a.



    An architect’s lamp is a table lamp. or rather office. It is an articulated lamp.
    If I hear about mechanics I think of the lamp of the Swiss Union Postfossil,
    PS: I’m a modern commentary Charlot time, I am a contemporary clinician critical design hammer and shot GIF.


    Des Lutt 

    Lamp variable geometry to accompany your most quirky ideas…



    A ANIMATED PICTURE better than a architext.
    Stephane Meunier (designer? Prof 3D?) Explains the arch lamp Solidworks 3D you tube e.


    Amos Stipe 

    — Blog Esprit Design.
    light anarchy in the design minds.
    object variable geometry = kinetic object… This is one of Vincent design equations but are not architects lamps …


    Micheal Wigley 

    You have MOOOI.
    When the arch lights mounted to the ceiling that could be anarchy. Fortunately Round Round GILAD is that everything is running very round because the buyer likes symmetry.


    Rosamaria Hoyte 

    we agree…



    DESIGN COPYRIGHT is TAF: moving from MOOOI (Holland) A MUUTO (Denmark) .
    WOOD LAMP for the Danish editor Muuto TAF by Swedish designers with a member who comes from design Front.
    Here the design has the silhouette of the wooden desk lamp that is not a true arch lamp.



    BACK MOOOI: mechanics wood Freshwest.


    Nia Cavell 

    The beautiful model with loads metal…



    No need to make a deco topic or arch of space or space design.
    At the boundaries of the real and the architect of space, the Anglepoise lamp.
    makes the feet to the wall and was seen above ceiling mounting.


    Starr Yelder 

    You have Moooi, design is a construction set of Fresh Ideas in the times.
    Author’s design FreshWest for Dutch Moooi, Design double signature, brandeurs design without being co branding.
    Close up Zooom.
    English duo Fresh West.


    Lessie Bodin 

    I model CHEF kitchen by a designer multidiplome.
    To the DIY type design copyright (the consumer applies the recipe designer home without even paying the recipe from the Designer ) it must be a little hanger or very rich or have a breaking strategy.
    LAMP OFFICE 1B Design by Pierre LOTA (ENSAD: Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Decoratifs in Paris Ecole Boulle: Superior School of Applied Arts in Furniture Industries ENSAAMA: Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Appliques and Metiers d’Art)


    Clinton Davies 

    Make design is to open mental doors. This is also the case if the design is diffused (especially if you have a blog design Spirit), and also if criticism positively (negatively does not exist for me) Even if I criticize the hammer as Nietzsche was the Philosophy hammer. It is the doctor who consults him the hammer, which heals, which deconstructs, which teaches the anatomy of objects, not the hammer that breaks, that breaks or kills.


    Jose Slemmons 

    The paradox of the Anglepoise lamp is that it was invented by a French engineer perfected by the engineers in mechanical and the bigger packages royalties were earned by architects. like what the designers are not always so inventive and also believe richesqu’on.



    The architect’s lamp was denominated departing within 20 years balanced lamp. She became an architect lamp because it is found in the agency’s most famous architect in the world, the Starck architecture, the arch ego The Corbu (Grey aka Corbu)
    Lamp treewood by entreautre is not balanced lamp like a Calder mobile (artistic invention of the same age) . It is the same lamp hangers Pierre Lota and many wooden lamps that mimic the arch lamp.
    This decorator etl’industriel loves vintage and therefore puts an arch vintage lamp on a night table arch.


    Demetra Mackie 

    God is in silhouette.
    The drawing silhouette allows to identify, recognize a product first look it becomes iconic even if it is a iconnerie.
    Muuto WOOD LAMP is the emblematic product Muuto whose purpose is the revival of Nordic design based on wood.
    Details changes + lack of mechanisms has led to a product that is not copyright design or industrial design such as archi lamps;



    The lamp treewood unless a mechanical wire complex tree, train, balances the real architect lamp is a very simple wooden meccano that inscit in a current nay say that a wave of a tsunami ‘lunineux of wood has electric wire color and screw appentes.
    Everyone is free to surf.


    Gustus Nuce 

    This is a lamp that takes in the great line of the lamp architecture archi not without reflector which returns the light by reflection, without springs or counterweights. but where I have the head?
    Blackened wood with a red thread would have a top differentiation.


    Brennon Guthridge 

    Designers never go far enough.
    I looove the contrast of the «cubic head, marker Treewood collection» … «bringing a little more heat»


    Hank Bellgrove 

    Voila voila architecture lamp.



    The thematic or rather the composition and or silhouette of the crane and the arch lamp often confuse these lamps ds.


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