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The suspensions dress kitchen islands

The island is in our modern kitchens, the central element. It is used in the preparation of food and is by turns the place where they drink a cafe, or that one works, or we discuss and even the table of homework at night. If particular place in the heart of the house is an element headlight of the decoration. We want to emphasize it and well enlighten this multifunction area.
you we will never say enough, good lighting is a lighting adapts. The optimal solution in case of varied uses is undoubtedly the suspension. If you want to improve the lighting in your kitchen and give it character, what follows should interest you.

The suspensions dress kitchen islands

Hare + Klein
mismatched suspension
The problem when the island is very elongated, is that it requires a multiply suspensions. The repetition of objects, seating and lighting, does not always bring the pep discount, in our highly structured kitchens.
Tip: Mismatched luminaires create surprise and dynamism.

The suspensions dress kitchen islands

Susan Anderson Design Studio White Birch
Mini suspension
To mark without overloading your island, select reduced suspensions their simplest forms.
Tip: Simple colored cables and tiny flames bulbs underline the linearity of the island. By focusing our attention on the horizontal, we forget that the ceiling is not right.

The suspensions dress kitchen islands

Chantel Elshout Design Consultancy
white suspension
In the kitchen, many materials confront. Fronts of cupboards, worktop, between furniture, floor, walls, ceilings … It is not always obvious in these conditions to choose his suspension.
Tip: The simplest is often the most effective avere. Feel free decliner your suspension in a material already present in your kitchen. White glass suspensions recall here the sand glass credenza and form a fair balance.

The suspensions dress kitchen islands

Concrete LCDA
sewing suspension
To give some movement to your kitchen, do not hesitate to install suspensions coming out of the ordinary.
Tip: In their ultra-minimalist look, these pretty dull suspensions hide surprising reliefs and beautiful contrasts. They light so surprising manner the linear plans.

The suspensions dress kitchen islands

bowery sarl
minimalist suspension
When the island is very long, you need to multiply the suspensions for optimum effect. Unfortunately, your budget is not always scalable.
Tip: If your space is zen and epure, opt not hesitate to simple Japanese suspensions. They enhance the style of your kitchen without overwhelming the space.

The paper suspensions on the rise

The suspensions dress kitchen islands

Benlolo Architect Designer
monochrome suspension
If you are a fan of simple and refined cuisines, nothing prevents you to put forward your island, without denying your values.
Tip: Building on a «baroque» white light but, in an immaculate kitchen you soulignerez form before function. It’s simple but very effective.

The suspensions dress kitchen islands

Cafe de Balme
industrial suspension
When speaking of industrial suspensions, we always think the same type of lamps. Recovered or directly inspired from decommissioned plants, these large «bells» Metal have an air of deja vu.
Tip: Do not hesitate to divert from simple sconces suspensions. And surprise effect guaranteed!

Lighting: Sconces enhance your wall decoration

The suspensions dress kitchen islands

natural suspension
Our kitchens are true «laboratories» for the preparation and tasting of recipes very organized. Generally all angles, the very functional islets leave little natural.
Tip: Bring some spontaneity in your space with pretty suspensions curvaceous and build on natural materials for softness.

The suspensions dress kitchen islands

Mike Alleg / HR i-bays
poetic suspension
In a highly-planned kitchen, do not hesitate to shake a bit codes.
Tip: The first idea is to visually reinforce the line created by the island with a series of suspension. On the contrary, with this fixture cage birds, it brings charm and lyricism has a very classic cuisine.

The suspensions dress kitchen islands

stephane chamard
CONTRASTING suspension
If you want to highlight your island without overdoing it, think about when choosing your lighting to play the contrast and surprise.
Tip: Cote storage, white lights stand out against dark modules. Wall odds, we are left with a subtle monochrome, which extends the volume and gives it a nice depth.

The suspensions dress kitchen islands

Alexis Toureau
oversized suspension
When placed on suspension in the kitchen, do not forget to take into consideration the size of the island.
Tip: It is not always useful to multiply an element to make the graphic space. By choosing an XXL epure very light, you will focus the eye on the important element.

The suspensions dress kitchen islands

Suspension » jar «
Nothing better to create surprise and originality of play that divert objects from their primary function.
Tip: These shaped jars become fixtures (suspended to random heights) of very aerial suspensions.

The suspensions dress kitchen islands

studio Ppark
precious suspension
If you want to focus on your island, make sure it stands out.
Tip: With a different form of furniture and color your entire kitchen, you will emphasize efficient way the transition between the dining area and living room. Then opt for brass fixtures, they will have your kitchen out of the ordinary.

The suspensions dress kitchen islands

Feld Architecture
professional suspension
Your kitchen area was thought as an element very structure. Everything is organized, pose, minimalist’s wish. A professional lighting could allow you to join the useful to the pleasant without denature your space.
Tip: Do not hesitate to divert office lighting or industrial kitchen for your island. The purified suspension allows here to highlight the Haussmann part of this cuisine.

What suspensions have you chosen for your island? Show us the result deco and share your tips in the comments section below.

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    Aurore Alexandra H 

    Perfectly suited to kitchens enjoying a high ceiling


    Ame Lie 

    We realized this suspension with 2 large paddle boards, electrical wire jacket of red cloth and pots was covered. It takes place over an Ikea worktop on which we put wheels to move it easily. Desolated for the photo with the bazaar!


    Claire GESUALDI / MH Deco 

    here is the photo


    Laurence Garrisson / La Decorruptible 

    Congratulations for the selection, luminaires have increased in recent years so it’s really a dream, but it takes even more daring know ;-))


    francoise Demeyer 

    I have replaced four shades soiled white cloth as above hotplate, four door covered very large Suedoise known in Ia surface.


    Pauline Warlet 

    Hello Francoise
    A good tip recup ‘! Show us the result, we are curious to see this!


    Vue sur Seine 

    Voila well a key element not to overlook in the installation of a central island: the suspension will not only essential lighting, but also a significant element of style (and congratulations for choosing these beautiful illustrations!).


    francoise Demeyer 

    thank you, but I confess I was very surprised the resultat.mais I absolutely have to find how to attach a photo when I fa is a review, but for now I’m stuck :-))


    francoise Demeyer 

    I would like to put a picture of my suspension I had cobbled together, but impossible to attach a photo, desolate.



    Thanks to all these proposals, we can understand how a suspension can by itself transform a room. Thank you for these beautiful visuals.



    You have whets our curiosity Francoise. Your suspension «house» must be really very original.


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