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The stickers invade home

Bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms … all rooms of the house looking for stickers perfect for highlighting. You will probably find your happiness among the proposed stickers in trade, although most gifted of us can manufacture easily. Before choosing which will adorn your walls, let yourself go through this beautiful selection. The ideas should not delay a fuser …

The stickers invade home

Mindful Designs, Inc.

1. Harmony between parts
Vegetal, this sticker challenges us by the use made of its owners. Their coup genie? Be used to harmonize the separation between the two spaces and alleviate.

Result : Instead of being cassee by the whiteness of the wall, the room opens, naturally.

The stickers invade home

Dalius Greta Design

2. Swing child
One can not but be in front of this beautiful dreamer sticker, which invites relive the sweet moments of our childhood. Shared in this room, he dressed the room and gives it a soul. You almost seem to hear the laughter of children …

The stickers invade home

3. malignant Tree
Besides being pretty, this small tree proves very convenient! Small wall shelves have indeed determined upon its branches to dispose everyday objects. A very good idea to memorize for children or adults, for storage «incognito» and originals!

The stickers invade home

4. In the shade of branches
More than in any room, the sticker has resolutely place in the rooms of our cherubs. Ode childhood and poetry, everything is almost allowed! Here the branches are to flourish over the Crib, like to protect it. A nice staging that could well be inspired style of Tim Burton!

The stickers invade home

Heather Merenda

5. On the Edge …
The stickers also invade the bathroom! Attention has wisely placed them so they can blend naturally into the decor, as in this photo. Indeed, positioned under the skylight, the sticker plays the trompe-eye for a much more visual results!

The stickers invade home

Jill Wolff Interior Design

6. Always words …
The words are in vogue in the deco lately … After the nice frames containing mantras, the stickers are the same. In English or French, you necessarily find a sentence that will make you smile, dream or think. Moreover, the typography of these sentences is worked way fully contribute to the aesthetics of the room.

The stickers invade home

Holly Marder

7. Envolee delicate
We love the lightness suggested by these stickers. By flying birds from the bedside table, the result remains fresh and well thought. For a similar effect remember well the movement you want to give your stickers before fixing.

Birds fly in our indoor

The stickers invade home

Beccy Smart Photography

8. A card for travelers
The idea was simply seem beautiful, it is nonetheless excellent! And if we let our walls evoke the trip, the memories and the countries we visit? A world map and you’re playing! You can even customize the latter with color codes according to destination. This card will certainly leave more of a dreamer!

The stickers invade home

Hubley Design Interiors, LLC

9. baroque Detail
The stickers are not necessarily loads and «pat-a-the eye.» The proof with this minimalist atmosphere that showcases a baroque chandelier on a pretty purple wall. A simple but effective decoration that makes all the difference.

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