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The sound nommade by Didier Schweizer

Presented by the shop usign as part of their young designer election NEXT, Didier Schweizer, young designer diploma ECAL (Cantonal Art School of Lausanne) has pushed his research in the High tech design field.

An original concept transform objects of everyday life of true sound docking station to broadcast your music from your phones or MP3 players using Bluetooth technology.

Each object sees the operation of the object mimics. The bulb will screw then directly on one of your lamp. Charger in your decision, the pot will feed solar power to run your terraces and balconies.

Section on using: usign

Site Designer: Didier Schweizer

by Spirit Design

Category: high tech

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    Nickname Bacon 

    its nommade by Didier Schweizer May 27, 2008 in Decoration Visualize the source of «Sound nommade by Didier Schweizer» on.


    Laveta Gording 

    a good article melant technological standards and design objects — saw decidedly, the Swiss design bears good fruit.


    Vesta Gresham 

    I love the one who imitates a flower pot, being in her garden all by listening to music! Very innovative!


    Rodrigo Bray 

    Agreed with Guillaume c simple and very innovative Swiss and especially the ECAL (a «cantonal school» that rivals the design of schools rated in the world +) produces talents. a chain… like China will produce (a much larger country !!!) ds qq years, designers 10000 per year.
    PS: I want to make a design course with those who will follow me Saturday, June 14, 2008 in Paris…. I will enrich that of the designer’s day by addresses and personal contacts. In order not to make the marathon (design of Paris), due to the shortage of taxis here, it is not possible to be in America, in NYC, SF has or has Montreal….
    So take a basic equipment extra light: good shoes adapted to urban walking, camera phone camera, a notebook, a pencil, a small bottle of water, +



    Hotels Disney World Hotels Hotels Branson.
    I did not AGREE with you first, profit last paragraph makes sense for me.


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