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The rare bird comes … Focal Bird 2.1 audio compact pack

L'oiseau rare arrive ... Focal Bird, pack audio 2.1 compact

BEDesign Rare birds like

Focal we present the new collection Appointee poetically Bird, a compact high fidelity system allowing you to connect remotely wireless all your listening media: iPod, iPhone

A combination of technology, aestheticism, mobility, loyalty and prices clearly succeeded by Focal.

By brand:

» For those who wish to return to the core values ​​of the pleasure of listening, combining simplicity of use and sound quality and aspire to a new approach to hi-fi, most current, taking into account compactness and wireless transmission.

World leader in the design and manufacture of speakers and speakers, Focal Bird invented the pack 2.1, its first autonomous system is a serious hybrid chamber and a pair of speakers.»

L'oiseau rare arrive ... Focal Bird, pack audio 2.1 compact
L'oiseau rare arrive ... Focal Bird, pack audio 2.1 compact
L'oiseau rare arrive ... Focal Bird, pack audio 2.1 compact

I want, I want, I want !!!

More information: Focal Bird

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Comments: 14

    Manna Greene 

    Can see ca home.



    I only see the light. It is who?
    I would like to know the designer of focal.


    Neville Stonehouse 

    Pregnant therefore blend well in a clear, minimalist environment…



    Designer behind Bird: Pineau Agency Porcher.


    Avery Naismith 

    I like that the good of Pineau Agency Porcher.


    Kobe Kearsley 

    indeed… but under the same rates.


    Riya Henkin 

    The design of the back office and air researchers design.
    Listen to the next video from 5 minutes to understand how some stars designers working with hi tech companies. I speak of designer shoe box about the product design says hi tech I saw class Hi tech in the portfolios of designers. Clement Gaut.
    (5 years of research for a thesis in design Sic) took over the term (that is not a concept) design of air from an anonymous commentator Yatzer and talks about «nostalgia» about the use of lego design. It is a refusal to cede the rights, a provocation, a working wanker, co-brandeur, vision, has to choose the qualifier.


    Neal Rees 

    qualitatively sound should be no more, that made the quality of its high need bigger speaker and certainly a much bigger shell, and a much larger volume, there is no secret.


    Sunny Beare 

    Well, it’s easy (I did not know the answer) but I’m out of competition.
    «I see the lamp. It is who? »
    Ilse Crawford.


    Bruna Conner 

    it was a trap Mr Prof Z.


    Eleonora Louison 

    I love designers who understand.

    In any case it would be very smart to put a lighting designer Ilse Crawford is, decorator, a former officer of Eindhoven, influential design consultant, member of many selection board with his name for a google alert or freelance press and blog This is done here but I’m not sure that the product approach is his cup of tea is the holistic approach.


    Rudolph Ison 

    No, I thought it was a fixture of English Benjamin Hubert I deconstructed often decode (decode is the name of the bottle)
    The lamp of the English Ilse Crawford has had 4 Price (awards) in 2008 2009 so a very high visibility…
    Wallpaper * — milan round up 08
    monocle — 25 best design products 08
    her interior sweden — best lamp 09
    good design, chicago athenaeum — best lighting 08


    Alfredo Dresser 

    Just great, I ‘really have the impression that our whole house will in the near future rather controlling any home with a graphics tablet.



    a graphics tablet?


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