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The Pump Universal Beer

Wunderbar is a unique new distribution system of boisson.Ce system enables you to refrigerate and distribute over 100 brands of beers but also that any beverage of your choice. This system allows you to bring 25 ° 9 ° drinks in 2 hours.

Material: Black plastic and chrome.Corps Metal.
— 1 6 liter container to put the drink of your choice
— 3 different adapters for casks 4-5-6 Litres
— 1 spatula beer, 1 manual — 1 Quick Start Guide
Operation 220 V.
Adapters are provided with the product. Extremely quiet.
Consumption: 88 W / hour, it does not require the use of CO2 cartridge.

Price: 150 €

by Spirit Design

Category: trend

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    Jeanett Ponsford 

    hmm full of barrels of beer here:



    I can carry some for This Will make a huge difference.


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