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The new iMac

The new iMac

iMac wins big at the genetic lottery, it has everything you want in a computer in an anodized aluminum case amazingly thin and attractive. While being hidden under a beautiful slender structure prodigiously, your office, too often encumbers, is transformed into a lavish exhibit space.

iMac sets a new standard in matters of elegance and power. With its anodized aluminum and in its glass facade framework, it is a striking beauty. Its glossy widescreen screen, available in 20- and 24-inch formats, revives photos and movies deep colors. If it is a remarkable finesse, the new iMac does not offer less professional performance in an all-in-one really practical design. And, not to spoil anything, the use of recyclable glass and aluminum contributes to the protection of the environment.

Completely rethinks the Apple keyboard provided full ideally your iMac. Its ultra-fine aluminum anodized integrated flat keys that give you a firm feel and reactive. The screen includes special function keys that can control the functionalities of the Mac directly and two USB 2.0 ports providing high-speed connectivity to your iPod, Mighty Mouse, digital camera, etc.

With iMac, details make all the difference. For example: as it is made of a single anodized aluminum sheet, you will not see any seams or screws except for a compartment located at the base and facilitating access to the memory sockets. The iSight camera and microphone are carefully integrated so that you do not notice. Finally, as you do not need to realize a videoconference.

Price: from 1199 € 2,219

by Spirit Design

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    Merick Lanman 

    Hello, but recent blog that starts very well Good luck to you.
    I own indeed this new Imac 24 inches, it is downright beautiful and very functional.
    Best Regards. Brice.


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