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The lounge carpet-by Felipe Zanardi

Felipe Zanardi, a Brazilian designer imagines a combination of carpet and sofa and has declined in two original projects all in the mind loft very current.

The first offer for everyday textile area that can serve as carpet will turn your desires to sandstone Long chair, dining area, cafe, all in the loft at ground level. Predict some cushions for those who hold to their comfort.

The second, Serra, covered in fake grass plasticized helps to evader in a good read down in the grass in the shade of a large oak. Carpet placed on a terrace, or large interior volumes.

Designer: Felipe Zanardi

by Spirit Design

Category: deco

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    Mckayla Hazelett 

    Hello you beautiful blog, recent at the moment, but seems quickly grow.
    good luck,
    Julien 03


    Flossie Line 

    Similar carpet lounge were imagined, has thousands of kilometers of Brazil, a young French designer Romain Duclos! See the product ‘suitcase carpet’ on its website.


    Jeffery Ramm 

    Same idea…


    Olevia Scott 

    … And modular inflatable!


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