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The ideal house of Geraldine, creatrice blog beautyarchi

Creatrice of beautyarchi blog, Geraldine we present his vision of the ideal home. Materials, colors, digging … She told us all!

As an architect, I have long tried to define my ideal home, especially during my studies. However, I have learned over the years that I can not draw it until he found his land: a house does not arise as it is anywhere, it must be designed in a way to respect the environment. Through these different pictures, but I have tried to give substance to this house makes me dream. A little too white, too PURIFIED for some, it nevertheless embodies the desires and tastes that I see consolidate over time, largely inspired by the Scandinavian style. I wish you a good visit, hoping that you will draw beautiful ideas to realize your projects.

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The ideal house of Geraldine, creatrice blog beautyarchi

House of Beatniks
The brightness is the main quality of an ideal home. A place bathed in light is peaceful. The openings should be thoughts to optimize light (north to the bedrooms and bathroom, south for living spaces). If in addition, you get a nice view of a vegetated area, what more?

The ideal house of Geraldine, creatrice blog beautyarchi

Fusion D
In my house ideal, we have fun with the furniture and decoration. Chairs vintage or design, mounted storage, the original floor covering … It is also important to have fun to mix styles and eras, from simply spoiling!

The ideal house of Geraldine, creatrice blog beautyarchi

JLB Property Developments
The open kitchens impress me in many ways: I find this friendly configuration as it gives a feeling of freedom, of openness, welfare. I would feel genee to cook in a confined space without being able to talk with my family while I prepare the meal.
The views are also important. Here I particularly appreciate the connection to the patio and overhead opening.

The ideal house of Geraldine, creatrice blog beautyarchi

A + B KASHA Designs
No matter the room, one of the basic elements in a house (or apartment) is paid attention to storage. Attachee the purified spaces, I appreciate that reigns there a certain order. If everything has its place, no risk of the disorder accumulate! We forget too often elsewhere, but the architects posted very beautiful integrated bespoke furniture.

The ideal house of Geraldine, creatrice blog beautyarchi

Caitlin Wilson Design
I am attracted purified spaces, inspire the Scandinavian interior, and white increases the brightness of the rooms, but I like to make colorees keys in the living spaces via the textile, furniture or dressing of a pan Wall.

The ideal house of Geraldine, creatrice blog beautyarchi

Fotograf Lisbet Sporndly
The ideal house plays with openings: longitudinal, vertical, zenith, OFFSET … There are so many way to bring light and play with the views. I particularly like long bay windows, which fit on the landscape.
Cote decoration, this color wall provides some depth to the space. It’s interesting to work the colors and prints to create contrasts.

The ideal house of Geraldine, creatrice blog beautyarchi

Claudia Georgi Photography
Storing books often raises questions. Should we hide them, expose them, put them in alphabetical order, typology … I personally like to see the pile, overlap, overlap, playing them. Books are beautiful objects, it is important to let them live and accumulate, they tell a story.

The ideal house of Geraldine, creatrice blog beautyarchi

Shift Interiors
The office is the place where I spend the most time, so of course, ideal in my house, I bring great care! Orientation north, plenty of storage, a sober decoration with of the elements that I can change regularly, ca boosts creativity!

The ideal house of Geraldine, creatrice blog beautyarchi

Studio Esinam
I’m a big sleeper and I find that nowadays, everything is a hundred per hour: we only take more time to rest, relax, do nothing. My ideal room has neither television nor computer or telephone, just a comfortable bed, a nice dressing, a sober decoration and white walls to enjoy the quiet.

The ideal house of Geraldine, creatrice blog beautyarchi

Caroline McCredie
I appreciate particularly the accumulation of cadres, a trend that is seen a lot in recent years, both in the rooms and in the hallways and rooms to live. I think it’s a great way to highlight the works, memories of travel or quotes.

The ideal house of Geraldine, creatrice blog beautyarchi

Solhem Inredning
A child’s room is, like that of adults, be bright. Free for parents to have fun with net curtains and lightings to modulate light. It is also the ideal room for fun is add color keys, deco accessories and furniture.

The ideal house of Geraldine, creatrice blog beautyarchi

AT! Emotional living work
I especially love this room, which includes ideales features for a child’s room: from light, touches of color and play areas where children can dream, imagine and have fun in complete freedom.

The ideal house of Geraldine, creatrice blog beautyarchi

UP interiors
Cote bathroom, I gladly privileged natural lighting (with an orientation north of preference). It is a space in which I would choose a material like tile, for convenience and hygiene. This white space enhances a few touches of wood and black, is my shot to the heart!

The ideal house of Geraldine, creatrice blog beautyarchi

One Girl Interiors
When designing his house, it is important to think about optimizing space and avoid the endless corridors and residual spaces. Be sure also to think through the entrance, a transitional space between the outside world and our intimacy.

The ideal house of Geraldine, creatrice blog beautyarchi

Trigueiros Architecture
The ideal home gives a course on outdoor space: terrace, garden, balcony … What a joy to sit close to nature for lunch or relax and let the kids run!

The ideal house of Geraldine, creatrice blog beautyarchi

Finally, the ideal house is built according to its field (not the reverse). It is the architect has to imagine the house, depending on the topography, views, orientation, wind, neighboring houses … In no case will not ask his ideal home, comic beforehand, on any any terrain!

To celebrate the presence of our bloggers favorites on Journal, we offer to our readers the chance to win a voucher for 50 euros, valid at Habitat. The winner of the draw of Article Geraldine was announced: Congratulation to pela78000 ! Find the terms and conditions of this contest available here.

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Comments: 29

    sophie Mamounette 

    The ideal house Geraldine could quite be mine. For me the priority in a house that is light and clarity. I appreciate also the importance it brings at the entrance as a transitional space.



    I love, for me as the ideal home should primarily be bright. The house with terrace overlooking the vegetation is the home of my dreams with bay windows



    This house gives over his discovery, a feeling of softness, purity. Light is omnipresent, spaces and volumes are thinking. A favorite cocoon …


    Eve Swenson 

    C is really very good taste. J would like the intrusion of a former furniture …



    What inspiration! Thank you for this beautiful selection. I like Geraldine privileged white collars walls with splashes of color (frames, textiles). By sewing I put a lot on the cushions, curtains, duvet covers, throws …



    Very pretty ! I fully adhere to the concept of the room without electronics … And I love also the first child’s room.


    Ad Line 

    Very nice home inspiration! Like (almost) everything!


    Sandra Moreno 

    I love the big bright spaces offered by this beautiful house, simple Scandinavian spirit and epure brings a lightness to the set and I’m sure he must be «live» !!!!!! And terrace wouaaaaaa !!! I personally adhered to 100%, bravo Geraldine !!! :)


    Gimme Shelter 

    I see myself very well live in the ideal house Geraldine!



    The kitchen is beautiful and full of easy ideas to realize. The exterior is so highlighted with this terrace. Superb.


    Audrey Guitton 

    What beautiful furniture to dress this luminous house! I love this mix retro / modern, I hope to arrive to this report in our future home. Thank you and bravo


    Virginie Mitault 

    Hello, I found truly tastes and colors of Geraldine in this interior description, I like everything, light, occupation of space, sobriety and at the same time the heat they clears. It’s gorgeous, it’s a picture of his IG account or I am under the nickname sunsiare. That’s wonderful. Beautiful evening and thank you for this nice opportunity.



    Ideal home, Zen and Feng Shui !!
    Beautiful wedding all it takes for the energy flows beautifully !! With the 5 items that turn out well according to engendering wheel: Wood (Plant, wood furniture), metal (white colors, gray, pastel), water (black), fire (red, triangular shapes) and earth (yellow , shapes or square). Well done!


    Angelique Robert 

    Many white as my ideal home. It leaves room for the rest simple and sometimes crazy. I also like the idea of ​​the house that adapts to the topography.


    Armelle Loup 

    For me, the first criterion is the light, the second optimizing space and the third functional rating. Found in the house of Geraldine these criteria. I love the kitchen the separation of space by the different soils and the idea of ​​using crates of wine shelves.


    Rosel Sainte 

    What a wonderful idea of ​​privileging the white, almost TIMELESS! By cons, regarding the furniture and deco, I would choose softer shades: for example, the blue sofa would rather leather natural color, to echo the furniture wood and shades of the wall should take the same range of colors. I love above all the idea of ​​the terrace, wide and long, which makes a wonderful transition between inside and outside.
    But is that the architect thinks of maintenance? It does not serve a grand’chose having a beautiful house if you have to spend time in the scrub, and the rest time, obviously one of the author’s dreams, may be near nothingness!
    For me, the ideal house is also the house that requires a minimum of maintenance time … Maybe an idea to dig?


    Elsa Seger 

    I love the play of light, soft colors and links with the outside (garden, terrace …) Thank you and congratulations for these beautiful ideas!



    Wow, pretty ideal house, missing perhaps a little color on the walls for me but there are many things I like!



    Here is a home that makes you want to ask her luggage. ..



    A nice house in the times, even if there are too white for my taste.



    Are more than to find the ground !!



    A mixture of subtle trend of light, simple lines …. this ideal house has it all and I would not mind the deco of some of these pictures in my home sweet home!



    that good ideas …… everything I like in the ideal home … Geraldine ..j’en submit a last for this ideal home: do not forget to enter and live those we love!



    Very Zen! For me, a dream home with all this light that bathes every room. And lots of little details that make all the difference, as this simple blue edging that highlights the kitchen window from the inside and that gives just that little touch of color need to gently brighten the white all around.



    I love the retro side


    Emmanuel Antonini 

    I love this style very scandinave.Je like to know realize houses like la.J would also see the technical side, to see and study the energetics performance bati. Otherwise c «is very beautiful.


    Marie Pierre 

    I love this home ideal, but sober colors


    Myriam Chaabane 

    superb! thank you for these beautiful ideas


    KiKi Frapp 

    I love the game about the prospects in this house thanks to graphic Elements, Paint bands, different materials on the walls, frames, shelves in the kitchen …
    All this gives a lot of rhythm and life in this house


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