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The ideal house for Julie, creatrice blog Cocoon of Decoration

Creatrice blog Cocoon of Decoration, Julie presented us his vision of the ideal home. Materials, colors, digging … She told us all!

When I was asked to write about my ideal home, I immediately found the seductive idea. Although I really like the apartment I just emmenager, I always dream to have a small town house years 1920-1930, with a small garden. Do not look here a well-defined style, this is not the kind of home. It works much the blows of heart and we like mix colors and eras.

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The ideal house for Julie, creatrice blog Cocoon of Decoration

Meghan Carter Design, Inc.
For starters, the entree … Whenever I demenage I lent much attention to this small room, because it must be practical (at least one must not bump against a cabinet) and bright.
The ideal entry must be simple but pleasant, it must breathe good humor but also have a certain charm. Cement tiles are best to bring this Suranne odds that I love so much.

The ideal house for Julie, creatrice blog Cocoon of Decoration

January Skacelik
We go to the salon … The show is a very important piece to me because it is in this room that we currently spend the most time two. It is not necessarily large but it is important to have a good sofa, comfortable and deco, which is — has alone — decorate the room.

In my house ideal, streetlights would be prepared around since canape uses few key lights every day — we love the atmosphere is cozy. On the walls, a lot of frames with a little staggered messages. To be honest, I do not like when the decoration is too rigid because I have the impression of being in a magazine.

The ideal house for Julie, creatrice blog Cocoon of Decoration

Dorner Design
Then we go to the dining room. A room should not necessarily be a DEDICATED this space because we do not often used. It takes more to me a dining room that does not take up too much space.
When I think of the dining room ideal, it would be small, but it would also have a big library because I have many books. The table is round with mismatched chairs, chinees over time.

The ideal house for Julie, creatrice blog Cocoon of Decoration

AGV Architect
Unlike the dining room, we spend time in the kitchen preparing because we love good food. It should ideally be light, separate from the rest of the house with a second day and both functional and practical in everyday use. So we forget the facades of lacquered kitchen! The work plan should be enough to cook two.

Cote deco, I love the warm kitchens. This is one of the few parts that need not be white. Obviously, a credenza in cement tiles and floor would be perfect, I want a mix of parquet and tiles, to delimit spaces and tone the kitchen.

Last thing: the lighting. All wall panels are equipped with lightings for illuminating the work plan and avoid the shadows CAUSED by the main light which is usually located in my back when I cook.

The ideal house for Julie, creatrice blog Cocoon of Decoration

sarah Bendrix
The office is where I spend the most time with me, since I mostly worked at home. For a long time I abandoned the idea of ​​having an office in good order but the idea that I’m getting the ideal office, there would have anyway of storage space. The office is not necessarily an entire piece to share: it is now in my veranda and it suits me very. In my house ideal, it is also in the veranda.
Furthermore, I am unable to work in a space sanitizes, so there would be a lot of things on the walls: postcards, posters, photos …

The ideal house for Julie, creatrice blog Cocoon of Decoration

Lisa Grape Interior Design
In my current apartment, I am fortunate to have a veranda. It’s a place where I spend a lot of time for different reasons: it is light, my office is installed and also feeding a second living room. In my house I would keep this ideal type of Layouts between exterior and interior, with seating.

The ideal house for Julie, creatrice blog Cocoon of Decoration

Fusion D
The bathroom … For this room, it is useful to clarify that I am not a real girl and I do not spend much time in the bathroom. Therefore, it is not very useful either large.
Between shower and bath, I choose the shower because the morning, unfortunately I do not have time to bask me in a bath.
Even if I do not spend much time in this room, the decoration should be neat and pleasant to wake up: no color flashy stinging and Enervent! However, the green water is a big yes! It’s soft and tender, very well to wake up gently.

The mirror is an indispensable element for makeup (and see to it that there is not a piece of salad stuck between your teeth after a meal). In the ideal bathroom, there would chines mirrors on one wall, to provide a little decale rating and pep to this room.

Furthermore, the bath mat is really very important. It must be soft and fluffy, because even if it is unpleasant to get out of the shower, we continue to keep a little warmth and softness underfoot …

The ideal house for Julie, creatrice blog Cocoon of Decoration

Resolution: 4 Architecture
The toilets are very important in my view for casually, it spends the time. Ideal in my house, the toilet would be fun, the purpose being to not get bored even if that happens a few minutes. There would be illustrations, rebus, slightly staggered messages …

The ideal house for Julie, creatrice blog Cocoon of Decoration

Before going upstairs, talking about the stairs that would draw in my house ideal, of Victor Horta achievements. I love the work of ironwork in Art Nouveau houses. And I think that the staircase is ready to play well curves.
For the staircase remains contemporary, steps would be natural wood and white walls. The interest is whether the guardrails that often decorated this space devoid of natural light.

The ideal house for Julie, creatrice blog Cocoon of Decoration

Greenwood’s Home
The ideal room is simple in my opinion. No need lots of deco, textile is in charge! I prefer to have several nice bed linen that many executives. To sleep well, I need almost epure environment.
Question storage, I did not need a huge dressing but I love that dress closets a beautiful marble fireplace. Obviously, these cupboards are feeders to our needs and not as now, with highly placed shelves in a way that defies comprehension.
As for textiles, it is important to me to choose the right lighting, including a nice bedside lamp and chinee vintage each bed odds It’s super convenient to read at night without gener spouse!

The ideal house for Julie, creatrice blog Cocoon of Decoration

Natalie Fuglestveit Interior Design
In the idea that I have of the ideal home, there would also be a guest room. As our room, the decoration is simple and uncluttered. However, the furniture would be China, History bring some character to this room that will not serve any time.
The entirety of the floor, there would be the old floor. It’s warm and expresses a part of the history of the house. And to make it less unpleasant to stand, there would be a large rug under every bed

To celebrate the presence of our bloggers favorites on Journal, we offer to our readers the chance to win a voucher for 50 euros, valid at Habitat. The winner of the draw of the article Julie was announced: Congratulation to Ludo Dequidt! Find the terms and conditions of this contest available here.

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    I love the mixture of styles, the mele industrial design has all this melange has a rustic shelf with objects and furniture chines. I particularly appreciate the glass roof! the pep and bright colors, the mirror in the entrance and cement tiles. Finally, the toilet is original :) very nice house.


    Ludo Dequidt 

    So I say a big YES: is the glass roof (one of my dreams), the cement tiles (one has beautiful black and white in our entrance), some chines furnishings that contrast with the great modern arrangements and practices, the mismatched chairs, and bright veranda !!! Like Julie, I like houses that have a soul and that of the old and functional, sober and colors. I could live without worry in the house of his dreams! :)



    Like you I think an entree is a mini piece to not be neglecting. It must be practical and welcoming because it is through it all begins! Your ideal like mine!


    Pau Line 

    Very pretty ! I love the lounge and dining room!



    I love, especially the two proposed rooms! A cocooning atmosphere and chic at the same time!



    if you feel good in this ideal house !! The energy circulates wonderfully. It is both cocoon and invigorating !! Thank you very much !


    maryse SIMON 

    very cozy house. Looks like a townhouse. J ‘will see a young couple to live there. The decoration trend is of course, very harmonious. We forget to look at the furniture.


    Emmanuelle Parlascino 

    I love the idea of ​​the large bookcase in the dining room … and staggered messages on walls and maybe the cement tiles in the entrance … it gives me ideas …


    MP Grenier 

    Very nice house, warm and pleasant to live, we would all have ;-)



    I love the light entree and flowers, the glass roof of the kitchen and very personal deco touches not found in everyone.
    At home as bathroom walls are colorful and cheerful, is the exhibition of works put under during my two boys.


    Sophie Mousset 

    an inspiring home ..



    I love the idea of ​​the ideal home of Julie, chines objects, the old flooring, cement tiles bring so much charm and a soul has a home I love it!


    Aurelie Ferrien Landon 

    me I like cooking is tt.



    I appreciate the harmony that emerges from this visit despite the mixture of styles is what is blocking me in my deco, I do not adhere to the «total look» but it’s difficult to find harmony. … It’s a trade the deco! Congratulations Julie for this visit that inspires me.



    I love the room



    The glass roof and the stairs are at the top for my ideal home



    Little House described as cozy Julie seems to 2 but I will also see the coming friends, family …. kids. C m is the reason that brings to say that the dining room should not be small but to rather large, central, editable space airlock that allows quick adjustments for larger tablee or cache races cache. What more pleasure and heart than arriving at someone and see a beautiful table set for us inviting us has a great evening … Dorothee


    sylvie labonne 

    For me this house would be ideal if the piece has food was greater, but happiness being our priority I find it sweet, warm, home or to live


    Melanie Perard 

    I could write this article details some pres … A home that exudes good humor while being quite simple, bright, here is what I dream for the house I just bought :)



    I appreciate the accumulation of colored frames in the living room. It gives pep with the yellow sofa


    Celine Zoomy 

    A beautiful house much taste and nice tips to hunt for our house !! I just love it!



    If the sun enters the house there is a bit in your heart!


    Anais Monribot Neyrand 

    Very nice and smooth!


    Emeline Paul 

    Totally agree with the touch of fun in the bathroom. For me it’s painting slate and guest book for friends on the walls.



    The entrance is very pretty! In summary this home is just a big mix of all the current trends, do not you think ??



    Oh! But this is my home!



    I like the idea of ​​the dining room library! ! And office in the veranda ideal for brightness, and very pleasant to work there OO



    I love cement tile accumulation frames and soft colors, very nice!



    I like especially the bedroom and once again, the verrieres which full house. The bearing is sumptuous and the entry with the yellow color gives good mood from the start. For cons, the color of the bathroom should not give too good-looking … and reasons hurt the eyes … But I agree the rest 100%


    Elodie Costedoat 

    TOP to this mixture of old and new! I love the rustic and simple entree, the Scandinavian touch in the living room, the spirit flea chinee the dining room and the ultra welcoming brothel in office organizes fashion. Everything I like. It breathes life while being trend.
    It looks a lot like my ideal. It has a soul.


    Stephanie Lanois 

    Very light … it is a priority for me. I love the idea of ​​a real entree plus the black and white tiles ;-)



    The color of the bathroom is very soft, which must be nice for a gentle awakening.



    I am in harmony with the description of Julie! His ideal home for me much :) I’ll dream to have a glass roof, an entrance with cement tiles, colored sofa and a deco … I love the deco and if I had to describe my ideal would be: a lovely home cocooning or to live! Lover of antiques, I love antiquing and add unusual objects in my decoration.



    I am of agreement with Julie, our great exposed veranda open on the living room is one of the reasons I just buy my house. With an apparent ipn to give an industrial rating. Strongly that all our work is ended!


    isabelle moulis 

    revee a nice house, which also suit me, I just wish the dining area or in the kitchen, not a hand in a dining room independent …
    colors, moods and brightness are very pleasant


    rose mat 

    this beautiful ideal home. It well describes what I want too.



    Surprising discovery, I have the impression of being a bit with me !! From the entrance to the room, I adhere completely to the choice, I just finished the construction and Layouts of my house …. and it’s a little thing that I have at home, until the toilet or I have also chosen the fun postcards have messages!


    Touraya Abourezq 

    I like your style very modest. .sauf it would be less of paintings on the wall


    Virginie Mitault 

    Good evening,
    I am very fan of this deco and ideas, the glass roof that separates the kitchen from the dining room is a very good idea, I like everything and I find its proposals deco not common and very real. Thank you and good evening.


    Maryse Louveau 

    A very pleasant decoration! J’3 much;)!


    Steph C 

    First the entrance
    I completely agree with Julie.
    The entrance is an important airlock it should be bright and inviting. This is the first idea that we have of the house! Not too cramped and functional it is important.
    In the dining room light is important I love the communication with the kitchen and a separate glass roof with business way. It is very likely
    For the room. Indeed textiles are all in one room. For me the colors should be soft and relaxed to facilitate rest and relaxation.
    I’m less of a fan of stairs montee load too my taste. But everyone’s tastes!
    Congratulations Julie for this beautiful house


    Lucie Riboorg 

    I love these very inspiring photos and especially the walls of frames and glass roof :)


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