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The exterior luminaires: Pot Bloom Bright

The exterior luminaires: Pot Bloom Bright

BLOOM! is both a pot for plants or flowers and a lamp. Realise polyethylene double wall, it is waterproof and suitable both to the inside or outside. Bloom! is an archetype of terra cotta flower pot. The lines stressed and volume broadened.

The well studied dimensions (high 40, 60 or 100 cm), decline in several colors, lightweight and easily transportable, Bloom! is very versatile. It is ideal to decorate your exterior, animate your garden parties, enlighten the parts of the house or to accommodate the Christmas tree.

This large pot (above 100 cm — 110 cm diameter) is available in white, red, orange, green, pink and purple. The pot is drilled for water evacuation.

The exterior luminaires: Pot Bloom Bright

Small personal note, this light system can easily handle a terrace, a garden, or even dare to invest your salon.H 100 cm ~ € 700

H 60 cm: ~ 250 €
H 40 cm: ~ 150 €

Extreme declination for a value of approximately € 4,500, a pot of about two meters high

Price: Not communiqueby Spirit Design

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