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The Dream Machine for Customized Pillows

The Dream Machine for Customized Pillows

Maybe a Dream Machine could help build a customized pillow to your satisfaction. It is not exactly inexpensive, but if you want a customized pillow, head over to a participating mattress or sleep store to get a Dream Machine expert to make it. The customized pillow is in your own preferred size, firmness and maybe even with a fragrance that you personally find restful.

The Dream Machine and How it Works

The Dream Machine is a made-to-order pillow kiosk manufactured by the Durable Products Company, who also make EcoSleep and Everloft. Here is how it works:

The customer begins by identifying his or her preferred sleeping position.

The customer then decides on a firmness preference.

A custom embroidery message is selected.

There is also an added option for aromatic sachets in the customer’s preferred fragrance.

After the customer makes his or her selections, a Dream Machine expert fills, embroiders and fluffs a personalized pillow right before their eyes. The entire process takes less than 10 minutes.

Dream Machine Pillow Features

The Dream Machine pillows have other features. For one, they were designed in collaboration with a neurosurgeon and a chiropractor.

The filling is a plush, hybrid blend of double-fluffed 100% duck down along with globally patented Everlon. Sice each Everlon flake features its own unique tension and built-in memory, these pillows offer more than the conventionally found standard soft, medium and hard choices.

The pillows are individualized as the size and design of the pillow is adapted to a buyer’s own body type and sleep position preference.

The customer is also given the choice of a monogrammed outer shell and to select an aromatic, sleep-inducing sachet, which gradually releases their choice of scent throughout the night.

Along with benefits for the customer, the Dream machine also benefits retailers by letting them offer their customers a unique customer experience. In addition to mattress retailers, the Dream Machine can be used at specialty sleep shops, mall-based kiosks, premium design showrooms, and even chiropractor offices and boutique hotels.


The pillows have a suggested retail price range of $129 — $149 and come in queen, king, boudoir/travel pillow, and side sleeper.

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