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The chair has soft lace by Maria Bruun

Maria Bruun, young Danish designer returns to BEDesign for presenting us Soft, a chair or textile and metal meet

Previously working in the textile field the creator she wanted to make a bridge between these two worlds is both far field and close. Long lace textile recovery thoroughly intermixed on a metal frame changing his silhouette, color, form, function and comfort

A beautiful modern weaving workshop

His inspiration:

» My inspiration Was an item in Domus 927, September 09 ‘Textile is the logics of a soft space’, qui Describes how architecture can advantage from morphing with architecture allows textile.Textile To Be defined along the curved geometries of ict skin, going beyond the rectilinear logic of the soft setsquare»

Maria Bruun, already on BEDesign : Bahut Invaders

More information on this designer: Maria Bruun


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    Gustus Nuce 

    I just love the idea. The chair is looking amazing.


    Noel Hazell 

    I packed for this aesthetic has Christo.


    Fernando Adey 

    Common Pieces.


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