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Talking with Michael Salguero of about Custom Made Furniture

Talking with Michael Salguero of about Custom Made Furniture

About CustomMade:

Michael Salguero is passionate about custom made furniture. He feels it gives consumers a chance to own something that is tailored to their needs

The website is a marketing tool for wood workers and connects them to consumers. It frees them from having to market their work so that they are more free to spend their time doing what is more important to them, that is, working on their creations.

The website was originally started in 1997 by a wood worker, who was joined by other associates and it grew with time. Michael purchased it in January 2009 and is working on improving and expanding it.

On CustomMade as a Marketing Tool For Wood Workers:

Michael says that CustomMade is a great tool for wood workers because it can help market themselves online without having to worry about setting up and maintaining their own websites.

It is a subscriber friendly tool as it offers different subscriber packages which you can use according to your needs. The packages determine how many images wood workers can upload to their galleries.

Since it has been around for over ten years, the website is search engine friendly and gets good traffic to assure exposure. He says that since taking over, he has seen an uptick in traffic and consumer interest.

On CustomMade as a Resource for Consumers:

Michael thinks CustomMade is a valuable resource for consumers as it offers them an alternative to shopping big box stores. He feels there is a very real need for custom made furniture and that this gives consumers a chance to search for and promote craftspeople and local small businesses while being able to buy what they really need.

The site is organized so they can search within the categories they might be looking for, such as «Fine Furniture,» «Home Remodeling and Refinishing,» «Commercial and Liturgical Furnishings» or specialty items. They can also search based on location or artisans.

On How CustomMade Screens its Wood Workers:

Since CustomMade does not get involved in transactions, I was concerned how consumers would be able to determine if a vendor was good or trustworthy enough.

He says that they screen their wood workers through research, and will begin offering a review tool to let consumers post their experiences with a particular artisan, studio or company.

He suggests that consumers should interface more with the artisans, and be more involved in the customization process. Buying from a local artisan would also let the consumer know what to expect. He says they take complaints very seriously and invite feedback from consumers.

In Coclusion:

Michael says that CustomMade has brought technology to one of the oldest trades in the world. It is a place for consumers and wood workers to connect, and as time goes on CustomMade would like to make the process easier.

CustomMade is open to expanding into upholstery if there is enough interest in it from consumers. It would also like to add more features to the site to make it more user friendly for consumers as well as wood workers.

How to Contact CustomMade:


Phone: 857-233-5125

Address: CustomMade Ventures, Corp.

83 Marlborough Street

Boston, MA 02116

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