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Table centrino by Massimo Imparato and Enzo Carbone

The Blog Esprit Design again at the Italian fashion, avant-garde in many areas creatifs our Italian neighbors through the intermediary of their designers Massimo Imparato and Enzo Carbone present us this table Appointee Centrino.

A true creation made by the assembly of rings, extruded steel and laser welded together and placed on a steel base. A table has faith s strong and airy, a metallic embroidery playing with shadows and light.

Centrino tables by Massimo Imparato and Enzo Carbone

Centrino tables by Massimo Imparato and Enzo Carbone

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    we can only congratulate the outstanding work of the Italian designer, but he forgets the practicality (I raise my cup or a cafe?)


    Robin Nosworthy 

    it is true that we must aim well.


    Darlene Ismay 

    Down the contrary! We are on the do not fallen! Well yes, it is sufficient to wedged into one of the holes.


    Gertha Merwin 

    dear all, many thanks for the remarks. I think swiss cheese’s best is in ict holes!


    Lisandra Akingson 

    More there table, there is more holes but there are holes, there is less of table No.?


    Just Ridgeway 

    Antonio Cagianelli Alessi.


    Davida Tappin 

    Table Cagianelli Antonio has 8 ex.


    Lettie Frett 

    questo tavolino it’s a shame !!! COPY is shamelessly my centerpiece «lightness» for Alessi.
    VERGOGNA Imparato massimo e Enzo Carbone.
    e vi siete it anchje messi in 2 ???


    Gaynell Baggs 

    Congratulations Antonio I met several times without his knowledge.
    I studied genetics and genealogy of design in CCA (Advanced communication center) at the Centre Pompidou has played a vital role in the career of Philippe Starck with Alessi (Solferino project)
    Here are some details, the design of the god and industrial property is in the details.
    Lightness sign LPWK (Laura Polinoro Workshop Workshop during a workshop «The lightness of Steel» which gives rise to a remarkable collection of different designers) and Antonio Cagianelli 2005 for Alessi. Cart typology has cut fruit, table center in 18/10 stainless steel made with the cold pressing technique on laser, extruded steel plates, mirror polished.
    An epoxy paint version came out subsequently.
    Since 2000 Polinoro Laura, Laura Polinoro Workshop design studio which is the result of the Centro Studi Alessi (CSA) opened in Milan in 1990 within alessi.
    A Lot of Lightness sign Table Antonio Cagianelli 2011 Edizioni Galleria Colombari limited edition 1/8 + 2 pa Typology coffee table or appoinr.
    «The Centro Studi Alessi (CSA) opened in Milan in 1990 with the dual mission of 1) the study of the» object «in terms theoretical and written about it, the results of which were then collected and published by Alessi, and 2) the coordination of the work of young designers was that the company was opened just at that time it.
    Laura Polinoro, head of the CSA throughout the 90s, the door Alessi semiological intuition and training she had acquired from Eco and Fabbri. Laura, Alessi introduces the disciplines previously totally foreign in its activities, such as anthropology and semiotics, and began the difficult process of escaping the swamp rhetoric in which some Italian design schools had the habit wallowing. CSA design management activities were effected in large part thanks to the design seminars, both with students and faculties of architecture or groups of specially selected designers. The workshop approach, which was introduced by Laura Alessi, eventually broadened to include Alberto Alessi himself and other design managers, becoming the main methodology of the company to work with young designers. In barely a decade we organize workshops all over the world: Argentina, England, Japan, Brazil, Costa Rica, Australia, USA, France, Germany, Finland, Austria, Korea, the Aegean islands The products nes Laura efforts are identified by the acronym «CSA» up beside the name of the creator.
    Since 1998, the CSA does not exist as a physical entity, having his identity metamorphose into a freer realm, more virtual design research and contact with the world of international design emerge, led by Laura Polinaro as independent consultant. In the early years of the new millennium Laura set up a network of residential workshops have largely held in Italy, and some of the projects that follow from were devoted to the production with the acronym «LPWK» beside the name of the creator.
    (Alberto Alessi, maggio 2006)


    Jacquie Claggett 

    Centrino detail by enzo massimo imparato and carbon.
    The steel tables are made of steel rings electro zinc plated hollow punches that are laser welded together and placed on a steel base.



    As written in Fabio Novembre blog which he is Editor in chief with his Editor Dino Cicchetti and Assistent editor Giulio Vescovi.
    «Focusing on the immediacy by pictures of my goal is to Convey the relationship betweens me and us, entre things and Their universe of reference. People and things are born from —other —other people and things.
    Seeking connections — Often unplanned and undeclared — helps pave the way to an inclusive approach to knowledge and cross-cutting. History Does not unfold in separate compartments goal is at once causes and effect.
    New interpretative horizons are Played Out in the free comparison of references. »
    With this new blog layout, focusing on the immediacy ?? pictures, my goal is to convey the relationship between me and us, between things and their reference universe. People and things are born of other people and other things.
    In search of connections often unplanned and not declared — helps to pave the way for an approach of inclusive and transversal knowledge. The story does not take place in separated compartments, but is both cause and effect.
    INTERPRETATIVE new horizons are played in the comparison without references.
    In this blog images against Images.


    Sharen Loving 

    This expression seems to be appeared in the eighteenth century in a letter to Voltaire, speaking of Frederick II of Prussia and poems in which he said: «My friend, another time. That the king who sent me dirty laundry to be laundered. » Later, Napoleon would have also used similar language: «There are stories that make the dirty laundry should be washed that family,» speaking of the many conflicts that have opposed his brothers and sisters and he did not want the entire people’s knowledge.
    A washer (washer in English is also a washing machine in the laundry) is a pieces of hardware, a mechanical component in the form of thin disk with a hole, usually in the center. It is used to handle the pressure of a screw maintaining contact surface etc.
    The washers used by enzo-massimo imparato and carbon are flat washers, the simplest and most common.
    Ark of the members of Noe Moradabad, India collect each ring individually local repair shops, welding is manual of almost 1000 points.
    The craftsmen of the Third World, particularly Indian but also handymen, artists, designers and make objects, baskets, furniture, door with fruit slices in a long time.


    Marshal Swire 

    Designer: Builder and / or engineer and / or diverter and / or illusionist.
    and / or manipulative and / or storyteller?
    «Every day, I am fascinated by the descendants of links and Evolution objects, a successive Evolution, in increments (technological, aesthetic and functional)» Pierre Bayol, bright and illuminating form designer has ensci workshops and the Ecole Boulle — National School of Applied Art in the Furniture Industries.
    Shows how leading designers look like this washer design?

    Bayol thank you to Peter for making me discover the set of possible Francois Jacob.



    There is the concept behind this prior art, copy, author, signature, and copyrights, royalties…
    French room.
    Chinese Piece.
    View this item DESIGNERS ARE POOR Alexander Taylor ds Icon eye.



    Professor Z is a scout teacher who works live, present participle illuminating, lighting, learning, clarifying, demystifying, disabusing, lightening, uplifting, clarifying, igniting, teaching, explaining, illuminating, showing, informing, initiating, informing … which by the cross-fertilization, sharing knowledge and expe wishes to be born a new french design factory in France.


    Han Boykin 

    This is just for replying to Mr. Cagianelli’s claims.
    Centrino is a low-tech embroidery qui Was Born for playing with co-existing Elements of our cultural legacy — metalwork and needlework.


    Willa Scullion 

    RE: massimo imparato-enzo-carbon Cagianelli.
    RIGHT ZIZ ZAG, practice of intellectual property protection, industrial protection, trademark protection, marketing, entrepreneurial and protection of «establishment» of designers.
    «In the trades of creation, even to protect themselves is sometimes a matter of survival,» Nicolas Minvieille, former head of brand Starck.
    I’m no expert in this area but I was right in law and. zigzag: lol :. In business, I worked with a frame that managed these complex cases especially with our Chinese friends «The Japanese starts copying western products, before improving them and surpass them.
    The Koreans are now starting to turn the last stage of this development. As for the Chinese, they are still in the first stage «…Stephane Bertoux I think the inspiration of Antonio Cagianelli was the assemblies washers basket least judging by the site Alessi «Trash lightness stainless steel round according to the technique of stamping cold of sheet steel openwork laser. Trash «Lightness» is inspired by the theme of the typical mechanical washer. His body is is a multitude of washers that, instead of being welded together, are obtained from the steel disk of decoupage «.
    In this contest, it seems to me intellectually difficult to initiate proceedings against two Italian designers Massimo Imparato and Enzo Carbone who made a product with another drawing if there is one.
    Have you protected your establishment?


    Jacob Guilloy 

    Pick-ownership Detournement ready made Plagiarism Tribute.


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