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Sun Tunnel, ends the dark parts of Velux

I speak only very infrequently creation de typee General public in favor of concepts that are sometimes very far in the conceptualization Velux presents here its latest product called Sun Tunnel, real well of light for dark rooms or passage, like a hallway, entry

white and natural light provided by this easy Sun Tunnel, less imposing a ceiling, more graphic than a halogen system, a more efficient system has LED.

The light of day, the therapeutic virtues will act on your moral to give you fishing in the morning when it will gray out!

The first line of light at the aesthetics of a roof window

Sun Tunnel is a new product, yet it already seems so familiar as it looks, on the roof, the VELUX windows. Indeed, it is the first line of light has the aesthetic of a roof window with a flat glazed surface not domed flower set to cover materials.

Sun Tunnel Evolves

+ Of light and aesthetic thanks to new design ceiling team of more and more translucent glazing and has its REFINE flange.

+ Of rigid Sun Tunnel facilitates installation with two connecting elbows are henceforth identical (no need to identify the upper part and the lower part).

+ Solutions with two new extensions 62 cm and 124 cm, replacing the current extension 90 cm, allowing optimized implementation based installation configurations.

Sun Tunnel, ends the dark parts of Velux

To you to test, I expect your photos!

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    Jimmie Shelton 

    I have never seen in real life, but I find the great concept!


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