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Studio BAAG and playful design

Caroline Bauer, young Swedish designer and Pier Francesco Galuppini, designer — Italian architect dials Studio BAAG base rating Kite.

A double competence allows the studio to reach as many architectural projects design projects.

Of only a diverse portfolio, playful, sometimes decale together travel the fruit of their imaginations.

Coffee table or extra, Shadowed is a pop and coloree collection or metal frame allows literally to build tables using a marine wire.

Lamp Skull or the bulb is the brain of a very empty skull mesh

Table Giotto, small coffee table in ash and resin directly inspired our pencil shavings of schoolboy. A creation apartment has a collection Appointee Recycling Memories.

Lighting Achilles, in homage to the cult Taccia light but here in mesh metal and fiberglass.

A studio, two personalities:

» Was founded de BAAG Studio in 2010 by Swedish designer Caroline Bauer and Italian architect Pier Francesco Galuppini. BAAG Studio is based in Milan and works with various international projects ranging from architecture to design.

Their focus is to create a unity entre functions on and aesthetics, Evolving around the research of new materials and technologies with a special focus to nature. The clean lines and the rationality of Their projects leaves room for different influences Giving Them a strong emotional load. Design for unconventional people. »

More information about the studio: Studio BAAG

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    Loralee Cooke 

    The designer working Caroline Bauer is really lightweight, fun without She made some remark Satellite Milan in 2012 by a few blogs with matches swedish.
    The rest of the wire mesh or portfolio is quite suiviste…Une coffee table in English it is a coffee table, right? .
    Roasting of the most creative artists are this little vanity.
    Clouds and Birds Benedetta Mori Ubaldini.


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