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Spun, armchair culbuto by Thomas Heatherwick

Spun, armchair culbuto by Thomas Heatherwick

Veritable chair appoints top Spun created by English designer Thomas Heatherwick the brand Magis. A rounded base will then allow you to be able to pivot easily through 360 °.

This new version in line steel and copper, six metal parts departing, associated, welded and polished offering a leather seat is both comfortable and fluid.

Spun, armchair culbuto by Thomas Heatherwick

Spun, armchair culbuto by Thomas Heatherwick

Spun, armchair culbuto by Thomas Heatherwick

Spun, armchair culbuto by Thomas Heatherwick

Spun, armchair culbuto by Thomas Heatherwick

Spun, armchair culbuto by Thomas Heatherwick

We like the pictures of the realization, assembly and design. We also love the declination of a creation in different materials and colors, so involving various manufacturing processes.

An amazing and detonante creation!

Article available for purchase (brown version polyethylene rotomould, € 299) on: RdvDesign

Official website of the designer Thomas Heatherwick


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    Maddie Harris 

    As he has just had the very catching British flag in Shanghai is an exceptional opportunity mediatization or so takes Magis Alessi option Architect design.


    Preston Robotham 

    It may even decliner in the vase child seat.


    Fabe Scarbrough 

    see his blog with classes of objects small, medium, large is to design high fashion, archi It’s always surprising but with a vocabulary and a territory less qu’Arad brands and Hadid, it avoids the sursignature.


    Lettie Frett 

    As said VOLFONI RAOUL: You do not know what it reminds me of «Spum»? C’t’espece of humor we saw in a small jail Ho Har Well, not so far from Saigon. Plump beads and madam, a blonde Komac. How ca that was called not God?
    MONSIEUR FERNAND Reverb «Brodie Neill, except that it was the work of the sheet metal construction worker: Teddy Montreal, who worked at a molten heap and sledgehammers!
    RAOUL VOLFONI Ben v’la that I have my head: The last picture presented of «Spun» upside down, I see the lineaments of the «Age of the World» by Mathieu Lehanneur.


    Chantelle Taggart 

    The difference with Brodie Neill, Hadid, Arad is the asymmetry and work on an original form almost original .then that this form can be derived numerically the router or Japanese bilboquet Mathieu Lehanneur who can not draw takes computer files demographic data, makes them work through his right arm as before him Brizio with sound files; He is a follower but who knows Brizio? .



    Brizio? heuuu Now I can say yes.
    You think you have it all:


    Somer Elder 

    see the sound system Brizio.



    see the sound system Brizio.

    see the age of the world Lehanneur.


    Francisco Hursey 

    Excellent concept age of the world by Lehanneur!


    Nicholas Hatter 

    This is much better than markete Brizio and better relayed in the press by a brilliant news agency like what you have to be the first in marketing and com not only in design.
    Besides Lehanneur takes the concept of the file for another sex collection which you diffuse the seats Project Levi .nothing not born from nothing like Fabio Novembre said in his blog.
    In any case you have the best design selection with reflex deco.


    Orville Arlen 

    thank you to you, a simple online editorial: present objects and concepts questioning me, nothing more simple.
    Do not hesitate, if you know, or discovers realizations.


    Gustav Corder 

    great job!


    Sol Landry 

    Do you think the router is Mexican Victor Aleman ‘works’ so well?



    Creation effect in the same idea, but perhaps less advanced in its realization + marketing process.
    For cons, I find interesting to add — remove seats and cushions.


    Madge Brennan 

    The aim of the discussion should not be victory, but the improvement. Joseph Joubert:


    Brady Heathcock 

    for design ok that’s cheek. But for the comfort I have doubts.


    Tobi Bonham 

    I have not had the chance to test… we can indeed doubt his comfort, but the goal is not to stay there are whole evenings, we will qualify for the chair with temporary seating, limited.


    Genoveva Converse 

    comfort is not visible in the picture but it’s obvious it’s a iconnerie.



    And the vase to go with (last photo)



    Armchair turn table turns…


    Beccy Brines 

    How we are going to amnesia Branzi has Lathe Sebastian Brajkovic in 20 years.
    Branzi (amnesia) -> Brizio (sound system) Lehanneur (age of the world) -> Thomas Heatherwick (Spun) -> sebastian-Brajkovic (lathe)


    Kelley Dane 

    Armchair rib… turns…



    ? The student Anna St Pankova would deserve a topic for a project that uses a technique developed by a Japanese company (right?) and Finnish Lapland.
    It really looks like a Japanese project;
    Thomas Heatherwick DVPE 2 different processes (one for grandstanding, one to impress journalists) that really have nothing to do.
    I think this photo lopnne monkey elan and not Chantal Goya, rabbit.


    Kingsley Hain 

    For the snapshot, immediate it approximates Thomas Heatherwick but the process is similar to Erwin Zwiers.


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