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Smeg Appliances Design

Smeg Appliances Design

Electromenager a design that is born of the collaboration with world-renowned architects. Excellent expression of «Made in Italy» products SMEG, cared for in every detail, combine performance and style. Essential lines and simplicity perfect issue to products Smeg elegance and refinement out of ephemeral modes. Unique style, sharing by leading international architects and industrial designers, and speaking through original projects, daring and exclusive. Smeg combines technology and decorative arts

Fridge Price: € 800 — € 1,300

by Spirit Design

Category: high tech

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    Good article on a very relevant theme! he would deserve to be better known!
    Do not hesitate to visit the Electromenagere: the housewife of 2000.

    innovative and very appropriate for a blog Cheapest places! Share your opinion!
    See you soon!


    Kennedy Caswell 

    RE: Elise. viguette: thank you to you to go through here, like that, the readership BEDesign diversifies gradually.


    Dionna Caton 

    A big helping heart to the one with the British flag!
    Or find Smeg brand?



    on the net, is found Smeg easily… certainly more complicated store.


    Woodrow Telfer 

    you’ll find it in this store in the Nantes area. Actually it is not a store like the other because it proposes the ultimate in home appliance (including SMEG). They receive appointment.
    their website:
    jlm-diffusion. com.
    their number 0251850969 to phone.
    Sincerely yours.


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