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Sky planting greenery settles everywhere!

Sky planting greenery s'installe partout !

Plant after the walls, Plant managers, Thorsten Van Elten, Designer based in London we offer a range of pots to suspend Appointee Sky Planter. Classic appearance, a reflection was any particular scope for their design because all these pots will head down.

Sky planting greenery s'installe partout !

Sky planting greenery s'installe partout !

Sky planting greenery s'installe partout !

A very ingenious system foam, will allow you to plant your plant normally and then closing it off, returning it without risk to people passing below!

No precision for arosage? ‘Cause the, it greatly complicates the thing!

Article available for purchase Thorsten van elten shop


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    Thea Stockton 

    This is Patrick Morris, Thorsten van elten is a micro very clever English editor that also sells online.


    Kassandra Wilson 

    The idea is Patrick Morris geniale and covered with awards.


    Scot Moreton 

    patrick morris is a designer of the antipodes (those living head down) Neo Zealanders who made his design studies in London.


    Arjun Flower 

    other product genial discovered by Vincent Bed and now edited by Thorsten van elten table-undervoltage Schwab-panther.


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