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Shelf 4 degrees by MicroWorks

But why 4 degrees ? Why not five, six, or both? From our sources after the creation studio MicroWorks, after a study mathematics and physics to determine this figure has your books not to dust! A joke?

Shelf 4 degrees by MicroWorks

It is hard to believe that these simple small degrees can help preserve your books, but it seems plausible that a slight tilt affects the deposit to dust, at least on the vertical dealt face less retain dust A nice argument and originality for this modular set between contemporary lines and baroque feet!

Shelf 4 degrees by MicroWorks

Shelf 4 degrees by MicroWorks


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    Really amazing. And when physical design goes to the service, detonating mixtures are!


    Fritz Longwell 

    not bad indeed… but the efficiency of the thing was still demonstrate.
    But gait is more than interesting!


    Kasey Hodson 

    Geniale idea if the theory proves founded and effective practice!
    But frankly, the foot-baluster ??? It is obsolete look side, right?


    Kenzie Downard 

    Ah tastes and colors not me… I like to mix styles and eras…
    Clean lines and lacquered matter to walk to the Baroque style! Of old and contemporary, this is pretty trendy right now right?


    Alka Truelove 

    If it works it’s decided, I bow my whole furniture 4 degree !!!


    Evelynne Syme 

    soon a world tilts 4 °!


    Callum Mordan 

    The link between science and design will interest I am sure Adrien Guerin of ensci who prepared a master on this theme.
    We have already spoken of dust.


    Gloria Mguffie 

    Interesting then for him as for us we hope that it will post here!
    Good luck to him.



    A story of balance…


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