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Serial Sticker: in limited edition

Riding on the rising tide of mureaux stickers, many online stores now offer the sale an impressive variety of stickers.

We wanted to introduce you to the company Serial-Sticker, it offers a artists / designers, the majority of the time young talent to participate in the elections BASED on votes of surfers. The winner, even if they all are, vera edit its production has 500 copies and diffusee on sale via the website shop.

This system guarantees a constant renewed.Moreover productions, as well as originality very interesting from baroque to the childlike, to the unusual stylized.

Congratulations to this team that also tries to highlight young talent!

Site: Serial-Sticker

by Spirit Design

Category: trend

Comments: 3

    Jaimie Lockett 

    wow, great catch these stickers goshawks, c a good way to dress up its own rules in every detail: very good idea!


    Merick Lanman 

    Yes they are really nice !!! it changes from what we usually see, and it’s been fun I think fall for the «paint» and you say what it is.



    If you want to redecorate your interior with stickers,


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