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Selec the ‘Act of Friday 59

Petite Selec ‘Friday 13, hoping it brings me luck

Article 1: Put in your urban fashion with TrashBonbon (I love that name)

Inspired by the street, the shop TrashBonbon offers various collections (tables, vases, mirrors) customized by graffiti artists.

Objective: To implement an urban art in the interior of our homes. Original and laudable concept straight from Montreal, TrashBonbon developed its network locally in partnership with local artists.

Put in your urban fashion with TrashBonbon

Put in your urban fashion with TrashBonbon

Put in your urban fashion with TrashBonbon

Site: TrashBonbon

Article 2: Your custom stools by Miliboo

The online furniture store Miliboo offers its new concept called: Up to you.

What completely customize your bar stools easily find the model search

Your custom stools by Miliboo

You can easily choose your seat, wrist, foot ring etc.

Site Shop: Up to You

Good weekend to all,

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    very regressive or you regressed or it’s the holidays?



    Z — regressive? openness is not a regression my taste.
    The Selec ‘Friday Lighter wants to take distance from the Blog online.


    Tristen Mcguyveur 

    there is a marketing and communications regression whose consequense to create addiction fascism and cons of American entertainment that manifests itself in different way. This is not the case here even though nobody has sheltered so the net is mesh.
    Here it is lovely but I had the impression of a design back to childhood.
    It’s not exactly the case bad photos?
    I agree with the opening.


    Nels Woolston 

    just put Tittytainment ds google.


    Chenille Sartell 

    TrashBonbon! Yes, good name and good mix between preppy and street art.


    Trudie Spicer 

    What an original idea these concrete tables accompanied by urban art. Is design furniture? A work of art? I like the idea of ​​painting unhook the wall and affix a living room table.


    Leone Ludington 

    Nathalie asks good questions, but some are useless because art has infused design and vice versa.
    We must not forget the dual vice commodification and Americanization that affect both the art that the design They also suffer every 2 the «entertainment fascism» mediatic. They suffer more the acceleration of the system of consumerism necessarily Americanized marketer. They infiltrated longstanding decorators so the decorative and recently by an evil couple: the fashionistas and tendanceux.
    To exit, the lover of design and art can take opposite paths.


    Aubrey Maccarthy 

    metaphor of the wall hard?
    I have a little trouble was married to my contemporary paintings because the dialogue does not work I would like to know with which painters canvas these objects may enter resonnance.


    Isidore Maye 

    I’m only first pages of the design ABCdaire and I’ve been pub manager, da, + and marketer, designer and +. I do not have the quality to be jury Milan, nor the jury to be a design award in a blog, but it’s possible, I judge.
    I like, I do not like and leave the game projection, catharsis, and indignation in which we enclose the blogs……
    I’m only the first pages of ABCdaire design, just amateur in the bad sense…. .J’apprends by ricochets, zig zaguant……
    A ABCdaire design, book Valerie Guillaume, curator?, A semiotician? who teaches marketing? and a designer? …. Deja my students after two years of graduate studies were drowned…. and after 5 years…. so deformed that becoming a teacher…. was almost their only way…… garage…


    Ash Strode 

    Many sensitivity and ???? in your comments on a difficult subject to treat…. talk archi, decorators and designers.
    My wife does not like the design, but the deco has established a zao wu ki cement on a concrete wall…. appearance. and an old chair Bellotti gray straw. Zao is the favorite painter Pei…. Like what the combination of furniture and objects of art ????
    Art is out of the picture, the wall of the frame to become qazeux (Yves Michaud university knowledge in video, art gaseous state)
    It is an object too much discipline for me that develops creative and editorial indiscipline to exit markete design…. but we must vebndre.



    We know nothing of the raison d’etre of a project and yet we comment, we criticize, we Frenchies what! It’s second nature, a kind of genitique heritage, national identity, the detection of excellence. Philippe Star says if a designer goes through, it is very good. But it does not give the proceeds to go through and come out alive.
    As I work a lot with flanges eyes often see clearer, let me tell you the story of the Japanese archer:
    An old Japanese master is about to hit a target a good distance, declining evening. Refer a Western attended the demonstration.
    The old master fixed target, a void in him, his bow and loose the rope, while closing his eyes. The arrow describes a perfect curve and comes to file at the center of the target, the archer still do not look. Flabbergasted, journalist exclaimed, «you have seen or your arrow? «. The teacher raises her hand on the shoulder and he responds, «No, but that’s not the most important, my friend.»
    The archer will shoot one second arrow on the target lighted by a candle, for the night is now fallen. The old master fixed target, a void in him, his bow and loose the rope, while closing his eyes. While the arrow describes a perfect curve and without the slightest regard for her, the old master hand to bed.
    The next day, the reporter looked everywhere and happy to find the last, asks:
    — Did you see the result of your last arrow?
    — I Do Not.
    — She came also be at the center of the target, a few millimeters from the premiere!
    The old master places his hand on the shoulder of the journalist, and said:
    — Yes, but this is not the most important.
    — Really? And what is most important?
    — You see my friend, our cultures are very different. You Westerners,’re obsessed with the lens. You think about it so much, so run after it, it can paralyze you. We do not have the same objective report. For us, more than the goal, the important thing is to switch the position of the right side. The finality is to be in phase. In tune with myself: the force required, sighting of course, but also the inner peace. In line with the exterior Elements such as wind, humidity levels and many others. If I am on stage, the result becomes secondary. For us to achieve the result implies to detach in. What needs to be will be. Our cultures are different, my friend. Different and complementary.


    Emilee Strutt 

    My girlfriend would like, it’s on.


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