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Rrround wheelchair by Arttu Kuisma and Janne Melajoki

Rrround wheelchair by Arttu Kuisma and Janne Melajoki

Arttu Kuisma and Janne Melajoki, Students Finnish designers we present their seats Rrround allowing them to win the contest Habitare 2010 on the concept of recycled Elements and public spaces.

Initially, 250 m? mats used during exposure recycled, all rolls, compress, and etched as a sushi colors (maki for connoisseurs)

» What do you get when you ride a 250 m2 of recycled carpet exhibition? The idea and the solution is also obvious that our presence here at the fair. There is nothing to add »President of the jury, Alfredo Haberli Swiss designer and professor.

Rrround wheelchair by Arttu Kuisma and Janne Melajoki

Rrround wheelchair by Arttu Kuisma and Janne Melajoki

Rrround wheelchair by Arttu Kuisma and Janne Melajoki

Rrround wheelchair by Arttu Kuisma and Janne Melajoki


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    a common idea of ​​simplicity and recovery.



    This again has nothing but I shall call Tejo Remy.


    Kasi Scriven 

    and its iconic design dutch design…

    Problem of individuation and award.
    The question is how using the same ingredients that design dutch.
    not to make a design that can be attributed to design dutch?


    Sueann Dipper 

    The distinction is the individuation process of an individual other than the same species or group of the society to which he belongs. How to be unique and recognized as such? How do you assign a project?



    the third round of the fight design, design battle; the brothers Campana.


    Pat Pittard 

    By his vision, his essence, his soul?
    Trying to stay on his own identity, but are cases may skid on maintaining its image, induced star system has its unique being will.


    Sol Landry 

    It seems more practical to me to analyze the territories from a boolean logic and do not have the pretension of being single all the time.
    Moreover you have to practice a detailed analysis of the concept, not just limited to the immediate picture.
    This project can not be placed in the territory of Campana or in that of Tejo Remi and yet it made all 3 of recup.


    Lilah Marshall 

    See also carpet Tejo Remy.


    Eugene Williams 

    Design is a scrub. What it does it think of a lemur?
    This seat using concentric circles of color could reference to a target. Far from simple diversion, actually its aesthetic (concentric circles, choice of couleursa longer think about precisely of op art. The art that is detached from the wall to sit? From discrete recup?


    Samuel Williams 

    Z Zed — «What did he think it was a lemur? «Wraps, compresses, surrounded by a black layer, all decoupe similarities with the preparation of maki.
    Or the designer or creator is strong, is when a same establishment different things can come out and interpeler all this will depend on the angle of vision, the feeling, the «experience» of human life.


    Maximus Mcconnell 

    I need to talk to the Head Hisayuki Takeuchi my teacher Sushi is an interesting idea to cut Maki Sushi.



    Z Zed -


    Wallis Bainbridge 

    The sushi is maki Cylindrical. I found that this form of very truncated cylinder used in architecture Mario Botta example is interesting in culinary design.



    In this chair, it may be the target of all eyes.
    , otherwise nice play of colors.


    Addison Hewes 

    I see Rrround as a plant in the ground shells about to explode in early spring.


    Jaden Callard 

    This chair is inspiring. The relationship to the object is individualized. Vincent was in the maki. I left the target idea and the color palette concentric circles made me think of an optical table art or pop art. Now I see it more because of the inverted conical shape as a geometric sculpture (truncated cylinder with a reverse cone) with a swirl of bright colors that catch the eye.


    Bethanie Bishton 

    Bravo for well targeted Vincent. discovery.
    View headquarters is ds worlshop in Turin by raw edges of which 2 products have been validated by the Moma.


    Ruby Hurrell 

    Very nice design very chair that seems to me very comfortable!


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