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Rolly, a dancer player

A new concept, sign Sony, Sony Walkman speaker, holding in hand. Compatible with a variety of technologies, mp3, bluetooth, it connects easily to your computer, iPod, mobile phone. Possessing an internal memory of 1GB and more than two speakers with valves.

Oval, wheels, a high tech gadget evolue.Rolly also manages its ground position: the wheels are, with the help of the soil orders. If you move your Rolly straight forward or backward (with respect to Sony logo registered) it will change on its own song. Similarly, if you turn to the right or to the left, Rolly increase or decrease the volume, and very strong thing that is observed on a video, it will return to its original position.

Price: € 300, exit 2008 in Europe

Category: high tech

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    Landon Denmon 

    amazing the precisions by rappport has music!


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