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Reveil smash Matthias Lange

For all the nervous alarm, saving our traditional alarm clocks of falls and other earth-shattering punches.

German designer Matthias Lange proposes an unusual concept called Smash, a deformable area will allow you to let go of all your rage usefully morning!

A stroke at his deformable shell is necessary to the stop ringing, it will resume thereafter its original form.

Always listening to the population, each designer tries to answer by tricks or technological developments all have our little problems of everyday life. Sunrise in the morning and more particularly the wake displeases particularly. Other original concepts have also been presented on our blog: flying Reveil (to be sure not to put it out and go back to sleep), carpet bed alarm output (requires getting up and walking over to turn off the alarm ), cushion alarm light .

If you know of other original concepts! Do not hesitate!


by Esprit Design

Category: high tech

Comments: 4

    Duke Johncox 

    and where to find?


    Aubrey Maccarthy 

    Hi Benjamin,
    risk disappoint, this item is currently at prototype stage, no marketing to date, so no shop has tell you. sorry.


    Netta Farrer 



    Lina Hickcox 

    Product perfectly in the atmosphere of alarm, fun.


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