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Retro-minimalist enclosure by People People

Retro-minimalist enclosure by People People

The Swedish design studio People People consists of Martin Willers, Per Brickstad, Anna Palleschitz and Johan Frössén proposes their pregnant concept Appointee simply Speaker.

Literally falls under the spell of this establishment, finesse, transparency, technology, the perfect combination! This transparency will allow it to integrate into any interior without problem.

Offers with a mini wifi antenna allows you to connect your computer very easily, chain or smartphone!

Three questions put by the studio as a guideline for this project:

» People want music to sound good. How can we let the music equipment blend in nicely, while proudly Still Be Perceived as high tech?

These days people keep music in digital Many different places. How can we allow people to play it everywhere without hassle or cables?

Electronic waste is a huge environmental problem. How can we design something That Does not add to That huge landfill?
How we designed it for people.

Retro-minimalist enclosure by People People
Retro-minimalist enclosure by People People
Retro-minimalist enclosure by People People
Retro-minimalist enclosure by People People

A sauce Ikea, normal for Swedish, the chamber is in its livery cardboard and it is up to you to ride it!

Small reserve on sound quality, to be verified.

More information about the studio: People People


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    Ansel Casselden 

    i like it, thanks for sharing.


    Jaimie Lockett 

    Ikea sauce, at least not for the name People People?
    The acronym IKEA (Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd) is made from the first letters of the name of the brand’s founder (Ingvar Kamprad), the name of the farm from his parents (Elmtaryd) and the name of his village (Agunnaryd).
    Too stupid name designers group the Anglo-Saxon fashion «People People» ds google People People 21380000000 People People results Pregnant 4,260,000 results.
    Too stupid product name: speaker 999000000 . results.
    This is the opposite of Ikea sauce.
    It is true that design Front has succeeded but with the rockers pack image peopolisees swedish bands and as a girl with a strategy of notoriety that has paraphrase Jamel maximum noise ds profession and among people, lovers design.
    Enzo Mari sauce?
    It’s clever but not for the people, for the experts.
    Enzo, my maestro, has 37 years to see his draft edit.
    If the concept is smart and will tour the blogosphere with its thread that will debate and it is about connecting on the walls decorate …


    Nev Maccoll 

    Small lesson in branding naming Abba Ikea design Front Yoo, Wanadoo. (Acronym palindrome ambigram, double O.) .
    I have small dej Swedish group ABBA with via Wanadoo sitting on some IKEA furniture I hackerise, an English word meaning «tinkers», «hack», but that is less out and Front ht luminaire design collection Ikea PS. a decoration starckienne has Yoo after having spoken of Me too with Maxence.
    ABBA was a Swedish pop group founded in Stockholm in November 1970. The group was originally made up of Agnetha Faltskog, Anni-Frid Lyngstad (Frida called), Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus. The initials of the four first names form the acronym and palindrome ABBA, it was not until 1976 that henceforth famous ambigram (with a reverse B) will be used as logo.


    Haleigh Lanfear 

    The styling pictures reminds me of the pictures of the Redoubt to the new collection of Sam Baron, the most retro of french designers.
    So People People stylist or designer tendanceur?



    I love the concept and pub, the deco which defile even if it looks like a…. Redoubt.



    I think they are not by design but by design + marketing + Engineering + com like Yves Behart and Fuseproject has SF.
    I also love their concept and pub. While the concept is under development, I see that the styling of the photos is pro and already very developed. Redoubt has Ikea there ‘s a step.
    Their dialogue product in their blog.’s great.

    This is a team geniale Web 2.0. Martin Willers entrepreneur was 16 years.


    Grayson Irving 

    I bounce on the sentence Vincent Bed «Little reserve on sound quality, to be verified. »
    For now I do not change my Harman Kardon SoundSticks II remarkably transparent designs and tests a box against a shoe (plexi?)


    Callan Cumberland 

    Some other projects transparent. «Weakness» said with his usual ambiguity Philippe Starck about its transparent plastic chair.


    Pauly Dickins 

    the aim of this tinkering is acoustically his must be horrible, a pregnant priority is to reproduce music, when he will stop to lay us «crap» penny pretext that make the design.
    no bass reflex questionable manufacturing a wide band as a sharp medium chosen for the color of the membrane rather than the sound performances.
    poses a speaker earth radiates more than anything else the ground worm.
    available speaker is great no matter what, we still want to do the design.
    only positive hp aggravated assault over 17cm diameters.
    notice its going well with the current trend listen no matter how things of great artistic poverty.


    Umar Dyson 

    I do not see the interest to the Internet an easy project to be mapped but not so. What competitive intent advantage I have? I leave you and go shopping because I am perplex (e). It is com design. in the times of tendanceurs, stylists and fashionistas. (Close to the design air) .
    Karl Lagerfeld presents «Chanel Perspex Briefcase» .


    Leigh Singh 

    it’s easy to be mapped if we crazy physics and acoustic laws and if we do anything, as the project is lousy.
    «Not sound great»
    I forgot no damping, the return of the back wave in cones, especially acute that will bounce off the glass surface.
    degree of sophistication of this enclosure = 0
    4 glass plate and two speaker shabby.


    Anthony Smith 

    I am constantly amazed and inspired by all the innovative ideas and those that are least we can still improve to make innovative.
    I launched into a blog the England international product design and fights in a trendy french blog the product design battles He lost by using the product as a design tool for provocative spectacle of society and catharsis, a défouloir frustrations young people and a purge their passions. I deconstruct a project, I submit several reading tables, I studied 360 °. Looking dna project and designer in an open class to allow for anyone to develop a project of reading and develop one another by cross-fertilization.
    If the criticism is in our culture, the criticism is not creative.
    The famous Italian magazine Abitare organizes proces furniture and product design. In a virtual court, a prosecutor and a defense lawyer (Jonathan Olivares and Paola Antonelli MoMA) analyze and discuss the merits and defects of the chair 360 and query designer, Konstantin Grcic, has called the witnesses bar. All this is done to give a detailed overview of contemporary design and the final verdict is left to the audience.
    Prosecutor Jonathan Olivares.
    Defense: Paola Antonelli.
    Accused ?: Konstantin Grcic and Eugenio Perazza, CEO of Magis.


    Dionna Caton 

    Bertrand Vignau-Lous (teacher’s workshop edito) might be giving us his opinion He has great experience in the design of audio products.


    Maggie Hoyle 

    z for the chaise loungers, it’s more complicated, there should be only one form because the form is adapted to sit, and materials should adapt to the weight of the morphology the person instantly.
    so every time I design a chair that is hardly lost, the visual Emerveille the use of said seat Emerveille much less, and said planes completely form, it takes up too much space, I have a dress its risk gener me.
    it’s pretty discouraging.
    so I try to stay strictly my sof creation / chair / chair traditional form while remaining a close for the use to kill in the bud.



    For this project I find loudspeaker designers have had a short mind circuit:
    -make a pregnant surdimenssionee but transparent suitcase for that we see through wallpaper.
    -which stands at a wall lamp, which is also a team of thread like many young designeurs lamps without integrated with lighting.


    Alica Hewett 

    Per Brickstad People People quartet that makes the party had already submitted a similar concept in 2007, already very much present 4 years to change the shape and the wire going from white to red then c can.



    C ‘was his diploma project.



    z concern is also the audio is anything, a speaker is not a table that Acroche to mature there are not satisfied, but if we can make mediocre.
    its first project I think is sexier, but an audio point of view, it is breaking even with an advantage for the first project, the ends are rounded, it is because it eliminates the need to avoid parallel surfaces the standing wave in the interior of the enclosure.
    the glass enploi in these condition remains unsuited, because nothing is done to eliminates vibration.



    RE: billyjul as a transparent polycarbonate as Harman Kardon?


    Rozlynn Algood 

    Even if I do not always agree with Paola Antonelli is one of the best expo Commissioners (curator) design because it takes risks and is not making pompidoulienne monographs Arad Starck Jouin.
    Harman Kardon SoundSticks ds is the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York (MOMA)
    For seats See my comment on the seat of Grcic Magis 360 01.12.2011 7:41. ds selects the permanent collection at the Modern Art Museum of New York (MOMA)
    I have a debate on the One Grcic non ds selects the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art in New York (MOMA) on Deco design biz believing that this is a contract market product rather than for individuals.



    Sexy shapes?
    The curved shapes, rounded are preferred by the viewers and buyers because the lines do not exist in nature and right angles do not exist in nature. This is the fundamental error of the Bauhaus which could only German. People mistake again and People with its box a transparent shoe. Per Brickstad People People quartet that makes the party had already submitted a similar concept in 2007 as a project diploma…. using the reinsurance values ​​(simplifiee form Juxe Box)
    Around its enclosure is made of wood.


    Logan Lynskey 

    his grave Well I also used round shapes, not everywhere, sometimes I mix of rectangular and round.
    all the trade are pregnant or nearly boxes carrees the series does not prevent bw cm totut carree to be popular among pregnant slice 500-1500euro.


    Benita Blackwell 

    This is an exception ds Danish design.


    Betty Lawal 

    How Bouroullec have redone the chair of the One for Magis Gric.

    in vegetal chair for Vitra without saying. angles and numbers,
    the most natural curves which does not prevent the intersections.


    Lane Margis 

    has put ds google translate kita Fukasawa /


    Bruna Conner 

    To return audio video has Fukasawa.



    How rounded the Bauhaus and the German Bauhaus post Dieter Rams and Richard Sapper (tested by Jobs to validate Ives then taken by IBM) English Jonathan Ives rounded corners and with slow curves.
    Besides Japanese Fukasawa through Ideo could very well have drawn some Apple. (This is Jonathan Ives afait that the Harman Kardon transparent)

    Dieter Rams VS Jonathan Ives.


    Merick Lanman 

    How sexy design?



    Really not bad!



    TRANSPARENCY: your point about the Danish Bang Olufsen has led me German, Loewe, among the last european manufacturers (one site in Germany)
    The premium market segment general public it would be more Bauhaus (less is more) than other market segment?



    They follow the designers marketers who follow tendanceurs?


    Bronte Aiton 

    The answer «Manufacturing (powered speakers) to the drip» of Florence Deygas (about speaker of the day) produced the following short circuit mind takes me about precedent in the same enclosure design Spirit Marie Dessuant could design speakers as transparent of the Swedish People and People and Jonathan Ives for.
    Harman Kardon.
    I know that Pierre billyjul think that seem to be be more a more rigorous design that Mannerist.


    Sergio Longden 

    Radio Japanese paper? A new french Fukasawa?
    «Marine Rouit young graduate of the ENSCI, a radio imagine a wall composed of a paper mold shell, a buzzer relates to the technical case, and a shell antenne. La used here has both speaker speaker and interface is chosen the volume and radio stations to touch, thus enhancing the technological and visual qualities of the paper. Or, in this case, translucency, its fragility but also its conductivity. »


    Ethelene Conrad 

    The Mujik Everyone knows the wall Muji CD player of Naoto Fukasawa.
    Here is the creative process Naoto. Marine Rouit young graduate of the ENSCI.
    Vincent is back to the wall … I expect a paper, I mean a subject.


    Fritz Halden 

    the CD is finished…


    Earle Greeney 

    A paper on Marine Rouit. that hangs on the wall as his radio Naoto Fukazawa, his CD player for MUJI. Each designer is foreign to his country. The design is terribly Japanese Navy Rouit.
    The CD is DCD, does not change the creative process Naoto Fukasawa, a simple misappropriation of paddle fan, hybridization between the wall fan and CD player….
    No, it is contextual. The switch has very retro wire, very vintage, very English cottage, very New England (Naoto has lived in the USA.
    The Japanese have so little wall space logic comes from urban constraints that we know in the bedrooms of good Parisian RENTED It is a problem to punch a wall.
    Seamlessly, I take my little bf. I should hang on the wall.


    Aldo Burnham 

    Chinese transparency?



    Every designer is a clever mix a cocktail a blended wine, not a wine grape variety. since the imagination draws on the known and even unknown in the known of the creator.
    The retro-minimalist is an oxymoron that is to say a figure of speech that aims to reconcile the two terms should stay strictly their senses, in a formula apparently contradictory.
    The retro is a culture obsolete, a style, a trend, a fashion of the past, and again becomes a norm nowadays as vintage masters… The retro is usually manifested by the return of a fashion or a style that was popular there are 15 or 20 years.
    Minimalism (or minimal art) is a current contemporary art, not in a group of visual artists in the early 1960s in the US, based on the principle of maximum economy of means. It is developed primarily in the art (Donald Judd), design and architecture (Mies Van Der Rohe).
    I am a fan of Naoto but when I read «Naoto Fukasawa is one of the precursors of minimalist design. For him, the design does not is to express his own personality, but improve existing products wisely. «I feel that the editor jumped to the ceiling and cut the brain is made by a fan (ceiling fan)
    Naoto works like Starck vision and even as Marcel Wanders has a less simple vocabulary that would piss according unn copy «A clever mixture passes and present, baroque and modern elegance and sobriety.


    Euan Lanes 

    BeoSound 8-bo how to disappear without transparency?


    Nash Middlebrook 

    Invisible speakers?


    Eliz Tilden 

    I like you back Zeutch that I know to find Pierric Verger I do not know ex Esad Reims London and the Edito Beautiful image? What about the status of the object?



    Fabio Novembre stronger than the invisible Prof Z.


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