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Pouf strain Daniele Papuli

Pouf strain Daniele Papuli,

Italian designer Daniele Papuli uses his imagination not with wood, plaster or stone but rather by realizing his sculptures and paper creations.

Matter «first» recycled, these named foundation Cartodendri mimicking the stump of a tree consist mainly of magazines all around fiber in order to provide rigidity to the set. Carefully interwoven, color combination, the movement provides a particular identity, an imitation of the quasi-natural kind.

Tree Stump, electric cable, licorice candy giant hummmm, everyone can find a similarity matching him.

Pouf strain Daniele Papuli,

Pouf strain Daniele Papuli,

Pouf strain Daniele Papuli,

Pouf strain Daniele Papuli,

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    Blaine Amos 

    the impression or the direction of the absence c omments.
    Continue Giuseppe Penone has crescere tranne che in what punto extracted from the memory of lEnsci Araud Lapierre, the impression or sense of absence.


    Landon Denmon 

    L4emprunte Campana.
    This sushi Campana brothers for Edra did not leave borrows in their career.



    the imprint of Eva Forgacova in his jeans stool.


    Alan Stackhouse 

    Table Pierre Charpin.
    Table Pierre Charpin.


    Flynn Gilkes 

    Table «All’aperto» KREO pierre_charpin.


    Cohen Waldrum 

    «Can we create from nothing? Any establishment, mimicking the vital process itself, is not primarily the indefinite rearrangement of what we have on hand?
    Whether or not he establishment recreation? Just as our perceptions provide to our dreams through their innovations, God Himself is it something other than a craftsman whose fingers experts combine the elements of a raw material?
    What remains, however, of creation when you can, after stroke, decompose into parts already known? How to enter the act creator incomprehensible in its emergence? Whether or a contradiction between the fact that all Creation is born of what already exists and the singularity of a creator strange gesture is nothing to predict? »
    Questions Raphael Enthoven, philosopher strain.


    Ellington Piesley 

    Genealogical Tree of Creation.


    Lewie Mckay 



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