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Pot chair by Fabio Novembre

Italian designer Fabio Novembre we present under the brand Casamania a realization while demesure both in terms of its size and the distribution price. Certainly destined to professionals of this concept Chair Pot, has particularly caught our attention for its different possibilities of use and aesthetic appearance that a multitude of these pots can create all in all!

Available in traditional red brick, it is also possible to have color or white cement very epure.

Price: € 1,889

Article available for purchase here

Site Designer: Fabio Novembre

by Esprit Design

Category: home

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    I selected for a theme ‘flower pots’ a seem in the next issue of Exteriors Design! By cons I have not managed to get that surround white photo from Casamania, would you have in HD?


    Salvatore Norcross 

    Unfortunately I do not have pictures in HD, you can if you contact the shop where they are available for purchase. (
    best regards,


    Umar Dyson 

    what lack pot ! .


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