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Portable Solar Radio Fexio

Veritable radio both portable and solar Fexio is an envelope that provide you with the sound of a set station on a fixed frequency.

On the one hand the speaker and the other side of the solar cell, both ergonomic and ecological envelope that radio can slip easily into your wallet, a single exposure and the music starts.

Portable Solar Radio Fexio

Portable Solar Radio Fexio

Portable Solar Radio Fexio

Portable Solar Radio Fexio


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    Frankly nice.
    Do you know where we can buy it in Paris?
    The information on the price?
    In these times of ecological awareness ca might be nice to take her on holiday in Copenhagen.


    Zebulon Dendy 

    For the latest news, this establishment is still a prototype and therefore not marketed.
    Sorry, but indeed very suitable for travel!


    Stasia Scandrett 

    Thank you for your quick response. Flute Good meanwhile I find it very nice will remain vigilant I find it unfortunate to see beautiful prototypes and then sometimes they can not make a market.



    Unfortunately yes many good ideas are forgotten for lack of marketing! damage.



    I would like to know if the designer who do this kind of product (I think it’s great, let’s be clear) are worried the feasibility of these? Because I do not know if people know this but to have enough energy, solar is not always easy An AC radio asks when even a little energy since it is necessary to process the signal and amplify primarily (at least 500mW to have).
    So I’m always a little skeptical about the possibility of having this type of product currently, but in any case I would be a potential buyer if AC is revealed and efficient markets (at least for listening to music on the beach in summer: P).



    I sometimes wonder if the designers are thinking after «ecology»
    Certainly it is solar (virtually), and friendly, but since this is a fixed frequency, you have to buy more, so multiplied producing, packaging, non-repairable, single-function.
    In the end I would not be astonished that ca be really ecolo announces least, compared to a radio batteries, rechargeable GSM phone which also,
    These small «brols Greenest» so cute as they are merely multiply the objects and procurement.
    For pity, let’s stop talking about ecology in these circumstances.
    (Same LED for lighting, piped usually full of plastic, which would not have been the product / buy if he did not exist, and that deals with ecological. Irresponsible use resources remains a non-ecological act.)


    Evita Hobson 

    Certainly these achievements will lead to a plastic material production etc however, the system of consumption LED, for example, will reveal much less expensive in the long term (consumption, service life).
    Yes the most ultimate solution is to put anything at all, the at least everything is ecological, but we talk solution «more» ecological than normal.
    We can change our habits at all all, this is already a step.
    thank you to you for these reactions.


    Colton Bullington 

    Uh, in terms of the fixed frequency and not repair, we can quite imagine that the frequency is adjustable, but not instantly. Then to repair, it depends of the level of integration of components because it is less integrated, the better reparable. Just open a clock radio (recent and rather compact) has to see what might look like a radio that kind of an electronic point of view.
    The plastic can be manufactured from but has ca base is not super advice (eat how?). And if we should be able to find materials that have the same properties or to fulfill the function, cleaner way.
    Finally, we can not have a proper any ecologist, everything has silicon (led, transistor, solar panels, ) pollutes as to be extracted, so nothing is clean Regardless.
    In the words of Vincent, one must first change habits.


    Lennox Dalling 

    Congratulations to help me review the course of future eco design, it would do what concretely?


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