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Plasma Air Hockey Touch for Panasonic

For all lovers of new technologies, useful or not, the latest realization of Panasonic is on the border between television and real touch platform games. For proof, these videos where everyone can practice traditional Air Hockey without trouble. a small toy present during the show ISE 2009 Amsterdam is currently at the prototype stage, so no communicates prices.


by Esprit Design

Category: high tech

Comments: 3


    better than on my iphone.


    Clint Philip 

    Yes probably, but less practical peekaboo with it!



    For the phone, though, with a good microphone, it’s more fun to peekaboo with nothing on either.
    If it’s just to play that’s a shame. Coffee table function would be welcome to this stuff, with animations (like plasma simulation, aquarium, etc.) to brighten the room.


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