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Phonofonics iPod dock

We remain in the spirit retro design for this object. This Phonofone to look resoluement design by its immaculate white and retro in shape and history. Using a very specific operating system, you will no source of energy to broadcast a volume therefore all of your playlists.

Phonofonics iPod Dock uses a significant amplification system by its particular form horn that will serve as resonance.

Price: $ 500

Article available for purchase at:

Brand website:

by Spirit Design

Category: high tech

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    The Phonofone II is now available in France in the Zelys shop:

    Its creator Tristan Zimmermann uses the acoustic properties of the ceramic to create a passive sound amplification.



    Magnificent Available in white and black Melanie thank you for the info.


    Lynn Carle 

    Its evolution and more minimalist:



    I find it hard to follow you a gramophone, phonograph minimalist?
    I must ask the question Oki Sato (Nendo)


    Ricky Caperton 

    Just the same concept as the iPod dock Phonofonics presented above, but less imposing version of…
    Ceramics seems to impose more and more the eyes of designers.



    The ceramic speakers / speakers ceramics (ID AWARD) Joey Roth are also now on sale.


    Raj Bough 

    I know not what do the bloggers explorants new fields of design (research design, strategic design, service design, technological design, digital design etc) as the designer Adrien Guerin blogger of avid designer, very pretty name Ensci !!!! ) Or designer Gregory Sant, former Saint Luc / Liege / Belgium and ESD Valenciennes, blogger Alltrends.
    I also use the best commentators contributors french web design, designers, teachers, distributors, design enthusiasts: rotring mirokatzu, Olivier C candyves Janus Milo, Bertrand de L’Edito, Chapa etc.


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