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Pencil bench: A schoolboy bench?

Boex 3D Creative Solutions We dusted office furniture by adding an original and fun note.

Pencil bench: A schoolboy bench?

Pencil bench: A schoolboy bench?

This bench was designed after a conversation about designing a piece of office furniture from a simple object office also. The bench is made from 1,600 pencils which can also be easily extracted and used. The seat then presented is guaranteed by 1600 gums.

Price: About 1500 €

by Spirit Design

Category: furniture

Comments: 5

    Sandy Farwell 

    So its becomes much more pleasant to wait for his train.
    Finally should not dream either -


    Mack Carkin 

    The pen will remain a paper… ever!


    Eden Staniland 

    GIHA woo: twisted pencil offers a beautiful affordance.


    Toby Keep 

    designers in front of a whiteboard.


    Jacoby Chipps 

    ? Big Puppy love to the table a paste shape to marry the Pencil bench.


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