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Parallel Design Collection by SAMAL

A parallel world exists? That way simplifiee of the departure premise pushing the french creation studio Samal Design to realize this collection.

Not without us recall the lighting concept called Titanic by Charles Treelyan, Dzmitry Samal goes one step further by declining the idea of ​​parallel world where objects seem to move between two worlds, a little here and a little there! But where?

Parallel Design Collection by SAMAL

Parallel Design Collection by SAMAL

Dzmitry Samal plays beautifully with forms leaving us even doubt about the meaning of the photo presentation.

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    Barnie Solt 

    Take me to doubt, it is a virtual project? This is a new challenge for Fischer, Spit or Hilti fasteners?
    In real life, apart drowning the different elements in the concrete wall form, with the construction, I do not see how these shelves can hold (especially under load). This idea seems to me as realistic as what was already, long ago, Tex Avery. With, for example, a character sawing the branch on which it sits that sees the tree falling apart…. Or, I have the brain that Free, and I did not understand…. …



    Virtual project but real idea…



    I just wanted to precise that the studio name is «design SAMAL» not «Desig Samal», and the project would be exhibited in Milan (fuori salone), so it is not a thing vitruel:


    Khalil Williams 

    as much for me celine thank you for this supplement information.


    Doyle Gatwood 

    Besides the mounting system is explained clearly enough way (exploded view).
    Strange all the same to my taste (the project, not lol bindings).



    I saw his portfolio, most projects do not come out of the wall, but here are pumps or anecdotal or so small diversions.


    Randolph Minshall 

    It’s a shame because if he was looking for a true concept, a real functionality, use a gesture he would find ;, . editable fixtures while 3 out of 4, it is only a follower from thousands.


    Alwin Reynolds 

    In light outgrowth of the wall, I prefer this project of a former Korean designer of RCA although it could still improve and interesting, in my opinion Piero Gandini Flos.


    Chesney Bebbington 

    Game of perception.



    And a chair…


    Kenton Holcombe 

    Themes of Marcel Ayme wall pass.


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